Investment Strategy for Cameroon’s Adaptation Plan

In 2015, the Government of Cameroon finalised its national adaptation plan on climate change. GWP was closely involved in the process, providing significant support to ensure the document recognised the importance of water issues, facilitating stakeholder engagement, and ensuring compliance with international guidance on the development of climate adaptation plans. GWP has continued to work with the government to publicise the plan at national and regional events and to seek support from partners for its implementation.

The challenge for 2016 was to identify how to finance the implementation phases. GWP Cameroon assisted this process by organising a workshop to bring representatives from the Ministry of Environment together with climate experts and other key stakeholders. The workshop also informed stakeholders about potential sources of climate finance. After two days, the participants had devised a national investment plan outlining the areas of need and potential sources of finance for the next five years. They also set out a roadmap to guide the next steps in developing the plan and gaining government endorsement.

The climate adaptation plan (and its associated investment plan) is the key framework through which Cameroon is addressing climate change adaptation, as evidenced through the development of the country’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, the adaptation aspects of which are sourced directly from the four strategic axes identified in the adaptation plan. This experience provides a useful model that will be shared among the GWP Network.