GWP in the News 2014

This is a selection of some of the news in 2014 that featured Global Water Partnership and/or GWP representatives.

December 2014

Water Left Out Of Lima Climate Negotiations (Circle of Blue)

Rainwater harvesting can secure region’s water supplies – GWP-C (Kaieteur News)

Ressources hydriques: La gestion de l’eau face au défi climatique (Reporters)

Mission Water Cyprus_Press Conference (Sigma TV)

«Αποστολή Νερό» για την αξιοποίηση Μη Συμβατικών Υδατικών Πόρων (Kathimerini)

Caribbean stakeholders working to ensure finite water resources sustained- GWP-C (Kaieteur News)

Press release: Global Drought Information System (WMO)

OPINION: Water scarcity is a danger sign – time to innovate, and fast (CDKN)

UNECE and Global Water Partnership launch nexus assessment to promote a more sustainable use of natural resources in the Syr Darya River Basin (UNECE)

Syr Darya Basin Focus of Push for Transboundary Cooperation (IISD Reporting Services)

November 2014

WMO, GWP Highlight Drought Management Programme (IISD Reporting Services)

Central American Legislators to Strengthen IWRM (IISD Reporting Services)

Environmentalists call for intensified awareness (

Stakeholders assess water and sanitation situation in U/E (

Fluoride level contribute to water scarcity in Bongo (

Bolga water full of fluoride (GhanaWeb)

NGO’s find ways to improve Water and sanitation in the C/R (

Open defecation affects quality water supply in Bolgatanga (GhanaWeb)

Rwanda: World Bank Releases Damning Report On Climate Change (

October 2014

Governance and financing for water sector at the heart of Mediterranean debate (EU Neighbourhood Info Centre)

Water Resources Institute train Journalists on IWRM (eWASH)

1st Regional Conference Governance & Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector (EcoPeace)

Conference Addresses Development Cooperation to Mitigate Environmental Disaster in Aral Sea (IISD Reporting Services)

全球水伙伴(中国黄河)搭建黄河下游防洪及滩区发展对话平台 (YRCC)

World Bank, GWP CACENA Plan for Aral Sea Capacity Building Programme (IISD Reporting Services)

IWRM policies in Africa fail to consider local needs – Report (Daily Trust)

UN official urges bracing for ramifications of climate change (Kuwait News Agency)

Cocoa farmers to receive education on weather patterns (

IWRM Policies in Africa Fail to Consider Local Needs, Politics: Report (OOSKAnews)

Experts warn Pakistan of acute water shortages (Samaa)

Flooding could worsen Pakistan's water shortage, experts warn (Reuters)

Flooding could worsen Pakistan's water shortage, experts warn (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Flows and Practices : the Politics of IWRM in Africa (ICP Collaboration Portal)

Global water reforms must address issues of inequality and needs of poorest (Institute of Development Studies)

Thinking beyond integration: Tracing patterns of water governance (Global Water Forum)

2014 China GWP Toolbox Workshop for University Water Education Held at Hohai University (Hohai University)

Changsha University of Science & Technology reports on GWP IWRM ToolBox Workshop (in Chinese)

September 2014

Water Governance & Financing in the Mediterranean Region: successful completion of UfM project in Jordan and Tunisia (Union for the Mediterranean)

Water governance and financing in the Mediterranean: successful completion of UfM project in Jordan and Tunisia (EU Neighbourhood Info Centre)

Water Policy for a Wellspring of Conflict (Atkinson Center Blog)

Water Scarcity, Security Subject of GWP-Med Book (IISD Reporting Services)

Tool to help South Asia manage monsoon woes ( 

Water problem in Central Asia poses global challenges (Trend News Agency) 

Unsustainable Development a Threat to Ghana’s Water Sector: Official (OOSKAnews) 

GWP Southern Africa Workshop Discusses Water Security, Climate Change (IISD Reporting Services)

Zimbabwe host 6th Africa’s water, climate development programme workshop (

Zimbabwe: African Governments Told To Prioritize WASH (WaterSan Perspective)

A mining company's $300 million attack on El Salvador's water (The Ecologist) 

Zimbabwe Hosts 6th Africa`s Water, Climate Development Programme Workshop (News of the South)

Africa: 'Africa Must Prioritise Water, Sanitation Issues' ( 

'Africa must prioritise water, sanitation issues' (The Herald)

2014 Stockholm Water Prize for John Briscoe: Laudatory Speech by Margaret Catley-Carlson ( 

European Water Partnership strengthens cooperation with the Global Water Partnership (EWP) 

Global Water Partnership launched gender strategy at SWWW (Women for Water Partnership) 

New Partner Joins Network to Advance Integrated River Basin (Great Rivers e-news) 

Water use efficiency to be deliberated at CWWA high level forum (Bahamas Islands Info) 

Conference to focus on integrated sustainability for remote locations (Renewable Energy Magazine)

June - August 2014

A Limpopo basin atlas to be developed in SADC region (African Voices)

South Asia to get new drought monitoring tool (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Water governance and financing in the Mediterranean: successful completion of UfM project in Jordan and Tunisia (ENPI Info Centre)

Africa and the Caribbean Talks Water Security and Climate Resilient Development (Caribbean Climate)

Water Benefit Certificates: An Innovative Approach to Tackling Global Water Problems (The Carbon Neutral Company)

Gambia: GRTS' Bernadette Bags 'Best' Int'l Award On Water, Environment (AllAfrica)

EPA underlines water security in Ghana (

Climate Policy Goes Hand-in-Hand with Water Policy (Inter Press News Agency)

At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy (Independent European Daily Express)

At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy (The Women’s International Perspective)

Africa: At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy (NEPAD Water Centres of Excellence)

CWP-Ghana trains Planners to facilitate climate change mainstreaming (Vibe Ghana)

Cameroon: Water Resources - Nefarious Effects of Climate Change Unfolded (AllAfrica)

GWP Paper Focuses on Water Security (IISD Reporting Services) 

Stockholm Water Week: Rainwater management crucial for eradication global poverty (Dutch Water Sector)

Improving Journalists Writing Skills On Water Reportage (Spy Ghana)

GWP Releases Gender Strategy (IISD Reporting Services)

May 2014

Coke funds water conservation in Gozo (Times of Malta)

Phase One of a $1.24 million Alter Aqua project finalised in Gozo (Gozo

Joint $1.24M investment for improving efficiency and responsible water use (Malta Independent)

$1.2m for improved water efficiency and management (Malta Today)

Water Security for Sustainable Growth – pages 60-63 (The G7 Summit)

Sri Lanka offers lessons on how not to manage water (IRIN)

Whither water resources policy in Sri Lanka? (The Sunday Times Sri Lanka)

From national to regional plans – the Integrated Drought Management Programme of the Global Water Partnership for Central and Eastern Europe (Science Direct)

Water under management (Ephemera/gbtimes)

Caribbean Organizations Discuss Cooperation on Water and Wastewater Issues (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Paper Highlights IWRM in Central Asia (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Annual Report Highlights Water Security and Post-2015 Work (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP National Consultations Address Post-2015 Water Goal (IISD Reporting Services)

April 2014

Nigerian Experts Brainstorm on Post MDGs Water Targets (Daily Trust)

Reconnecting to Our Cultural Taps in the Mediterranean (Coca-Cola)

Global Water Partnership Launches New Global Strategy: Towards 2020 (EurActiv)

Launch of : Towards 2020 The Global Water Partnership’s 2014–2019 Strategy (Coastal & Marin E-News)

March 2014

OTS: Nová globálna stratégia Global Water Partnership. Global Water... (TASR)

Nová globálna stratégia Global Water Partnership (TERAZ)

TV report on GWP consultation held in Nicaragua (Canal 2, in Spanish)

Dignified way of living in LDCs burdened by most off-track MDG (MediaGlobal News)

“In Congo, water is everywhere, except in the taps" (France24)

The Stream, March 3: Progress “Stubbornly Slow” on Safe Water, Sanitation in Southern Africa, Report Says (Circle of Blue)

Dubbery participated in Global Water Partnership Caribbean meeting in Guyana (Spirit of Montserrat)

UNICEF, GWP to Collaborate on Water and Climate Resilience (IISD Reporting Services)

January/February 2014

Experts raise alarm over decline of snow, ice (Calgary Herald)

Energy shortages force Pakistanis to scavenge for wood, threatening tree canopy (The Washington Post)

January 2014 Global Water Partnership Update (IISD Reporting Services)

(LVBC) and Global Water Partnership (GWP) Eastern Africa Cooperate for Sustainable Water Resources Management (Lake Victoria Basin Commission)

ESAT Focus on Ethiopia with Professor Dale Whittington (ESAT TV)

OPINION: Decision-makers need local case studies, simple language, and interaction in training materials (CDKN)

OPINION: Capacity development is key to aiding smart decision-making (CDKN)