GWP in the News 2018

A collection of news items featuring the Global Water Partnership or GWP representatives.

December 2018

Supporting transboundary actions to address climate change (ReliefWeb)

GWP Urges Prioritizing IWRM in Adaptation to Climate Change (IISD Reporting Services)

Global Water Partnership Report on Water and Climate Change Adaptation (Water Canada)

Southern African nations need to up their groundwater management game (MENAFN.COM)

Accelerating the implementation of transboundary water projects (Infrastructure news)

Working Towards Water Security and Safe Sanitation at Africa Water Week 2018 (Libreville, Gabon)  (Water Youth Network)

长江水伙伴成立仪式暨长江保护与治理研讨会在汉召开 (Yellow River Commission)

长江水伙伴成立仪式暨长江保护与治理研讨会在汉召开 (

在长江水伙伴成立仪式暨长江保护与治理研讨会议上的讲话 (Yangtze River Commission) 

November 2018

Farming in the face of drought: Ramitenga’s success story (GhanaWeb)

The 2018 Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa Week Opens With Calls for Good Governance to Accelerate Africa's Integration Through Smart Infrastructure (

Global Water Partnership Train Journos to Raise Awareness on Drought and Flood Management (

François Brikké: "El sector del agua está viviendo una revolución silenciosa" (iAgua)

Lutte contre la sécheresse: Au Burkina, des pratiques innovantes donnent le sourire aux femmes (Maliweb)

Irrigation à l’aide du solaire : L’exemple venu de Ramitenga (Burkina 24)

This 48-year-old CEO aims at running 100 marathons in 100 days, and here's why (Times of India) 

100 marathons in 100 days: Australian water advocate Mina Guli Speaks about Water Conservation (Ten News Network on YouTube)

Media executives commit to awareness raising on drought, flood management (EnviroNews Nigeria)

Droughts and floods management workshop opens in Ouagadougou (Graphic Online)

Burkina FASO: Des journalistes à l’école du GWP AO sur les questions de sècheresses et d’inondations (Radio Environnement Guinée)

Gestion intégrée des sécheresses et inondations : quel apport des hommes/femmes des medias en Afrique de l’Ouest? (Ecoconscience TV Togo)

Gestion des sécheresses et inondations : Des journalistes ouest-africains en formation à Ouaga (Burkina Demain)

Environnement: connaissez-vous les 4 types de « sécheresse » en Afrique de l’Ouest? (JSTM Mali)

GEF, SIWI Advocate Source-to-Sea Approaches in Water Cooperation (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Convenes Central American Workshop on SDG 6 (IISD Reporting Services)

W@W: Kusum Athukorala (Life Online)

Natural Resources and Environment Management Policy (Daily Mirror Sri Lanka)

HNB partners SLWP to commence rainwater harvesting for six schools in Hatton (Daily Mail Sri Lanka) 

中国志愿者河长学院(深圳)首次座谈会及首期培训会成功召开 (

Régénération des sols : Le miracle des Koglweogo de Komki (Burkina 24)

Sécheresses et inondations : Des journalistes ouest-africains outillés (Burkina Demain)

Securing Africa’s Water Security through Transboundary Infrastructure Projects(NEPAD Agency)

Accelerating project preparation and financing water projects in Africa( NEPAD Agency)

Accelerating project preparation and financing water projects in Africa (

Securing Africa’s Water Security through Transboundary Infrastructure Projects (

October 2018

Opinion: Civil society shows the way on Brahmaputra talks (The Third Pole)

Southern Africa Turns to Groundwater to Counter Climate Change (IDN-InDepthNews)

Is Ethiopia taking control of the River Nile? (CNN)

Women at the (Water) Table (Newsline Magazine)

UNECE Publishes Guidance for Addressing Nexus Issues in Transboundary Waters (IISD Reporting Services)

Следуя за солнцем, думай о воде (Sreda.Uz)

Capacity Development On Green Climate Fund Financing for Africa Experts (

Belt and Road World Youth Forum held in Beijing for multi-cultural exchange (

Governments asked to accelerate access to water and sanitation security for Africa (UPGro)

全球水伙伴为“一带一路”水发展跨区域合作搭台(China Finance and Economic News)

全球水伙伴为“一带一路”水发展跨区域合作搭台 (Yellow River Government)

全球水伙伴为“一带一路”水发展跨区域合作搭台 (China Water News)

刘杰陪同全球水伙伴通讯官代表考察惠南庄泵站 (Bureau of South-North Water Division)

水发展与青年使命研讨会举行 (People’s Daily)

年轻丝路 青春有为“一带一路”水发展与青年使命国际研讨会在京召开 (China

2018中国水博览会暨第十三届中国水务高峰论坛 (Water Expo China 2018)

“一带一路”进程中的青年使命与国际人才培养座谈会在水利系举办 (Tsinghua University)

September 2018

Projet ‘’TonFuturTonClimat’’ : l’Association Nongtaba de Saponé heureuse bénéficiaire (Burkina Demain)

GWP Assists African Countries to Prepare Projects for GCF Financing (IISD Reporting Services)

Trini woman first Caribbean participant in Water Summer School in Poland (Loop News Trinidad and Tobago)

As sand mining grows, Asia’s deltas are sinking, water experts warn (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

As sand mining grows, Asia’s deltas are sinking, water experts warn (Reuters)

As sand mining grows, Asia’s deltas are sinking, water experts warn (The Asahi Shimbun)

As sand mining grows, Asia’s deltas are sinking, water experts warn (

Montenegro willing to contribute to global environmental protection initiatives (Total Montenegro News)

Lesotho Deliberates Changes to Water Policy (IISD Reporting Services)

Avances en la implementación del ODS 6.5.2 (UNESCO)

 August 2018

Egyptian farmers hit as Nile Delta comes under threat (Financial Times)

How Pakistan wastes its water (

Water scarcity: Arab region faces up to challenge of diminishing vital resource (Arab News)

Global Water Partnership Brings WASH Support to Mountains of Pakistan (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Supports Transboundary Water Projects, IWRM in Africa (IISD Reporting Services)

Foro SUNASS - GWP: Cusco, 29 de agosto de 2018 (Sunass)

 July 2018

NEPAD Agency holds the first PIDA water workshop (IPPmedia)

Partners join hands to tackle water crisis in cholera-weary Zimbabwe (

Advancing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Southern Africa - A GWP/SADC Collaboration (Nexus - The Water, Energy & Food Security Platform)

Initiative: Eau receives community development grant from U.S. Embassy Ouagadougou (The Daily Telescope)

Asia and pacific region should agree for a regional policy (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror)

 June 2018

Programme to promote menstrual hygiene and reduce absenteeism in school girls (Sunday Times Sri Lanka)

Ukraine Water Strategy High on Development Agenda (Financial Tribune)

UAE Minister of State for Future Food Security approves ICBA's new board of directors (Zawya)

Editorial: Rainwater Harvesting the Way to Go (The Barbados Advocate)

Ukraine Puts Water Strategy High on Development Agenda (IPS News Agency)

The Quest of Finding Blue Money (The Financial)

International Desalination Association Establishes Honorary Council (GineersNow)

World: Climate insurance and water-related disaster risk management – Unlikely partners in promoting development? (Humanitarian News)

 May 2018

GWP-WA boss appointed chair of chairs of regional partnerships (EnviroNews)

New Indian dam threatens to parch Pakistan (Asia Times)

Global Water Partnership Chair Submits Resignation (

Global Water Partnership Chair Submits Resignation (Water Canada)

Congo Water Partnership Evaluates Progress on SDG Target 6.5 (IISD Reporting Services)

MIL-OSI Asia-Pacific: Congo Water Partnership Evaluates Progress on SDG Target 6.5 ( 

Political parties urged to include green pledges in election manifestoes (Daily Times)

Parties asked to include environmental issues in their manifestos (Pakistan Today)

United Nations: Global Partnerships Pledge Improved Coordination for Water Security (World Truth)

The restoration of the Orange Grove Reservoir at San Anton Palace (Malta Independent)

San Anton Palace's 400-year-old water reservoir restored (Times of Malta)

GWP Calls for Integrating Corporate Water Stewardship and IWRM (IISD Reporting Services)

SADC experts call for investment in water infrastructure (Journal du

SADC experts call for investment in water infrastructure (APA News)

Dam Security international workshop in Latin America (International Centre for Hydropower)

Multi-Stakeholder DialogueWater-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus and SDGs Implementation (Water-energy-food)

 April 2018

Who is King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands? (Royal Central)

IFAD, GWP Report on Efforts to Scale-up Water Investments to Deliver on 2030 Agenda (IISD Reporting Services)

The Middle East and ‘Day Zero’ on water (The Arab Weekly)

Building a community of practice for West Africa (Water Integrity Network)

Vietnam contributes to sustainable development in Mekong River (Vietnam News Agency)

VN aids sustainable growth on Mekong (Viet Nam News)

GWP China Hebei Supports Local Communicty Drinking Water Security (Chinese)  (Pingxiang Government, Hebei Province, China)

Global Water Partnership (GWP) - Toolbox and Handbook | SSWM - Find tools for sustainable sanitation and water management! (Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox)

 March 2018

GWP and UNICEF launch website on WASH climate resilience (UN-Water)

Ny satsning på ungas klimatarbete (Fria Tidningen) 

Comprehensive Outlook On National Security, Vital To Address Challenges Effectively: Lt. Gen. (R) Nasser Khan Janjua (UrduPoint News)

Global Partnerships Pledge Improved Coordination for Water Security (IISD Reporting Services) 

Stark Global Water Report Triggers New Collaboration Among Global Partnerships (Pacific Institute)

Water Is Life – They Are Stealing Our Livelihood and We Aren’t Even Noticing (Center for Research on Globalization)

Women key to Mekong’s future and prosperity (The Phnom Penh Post)

New Platform Will Support Youth Projects on Water and Climate (IPS News Agency)

Lanzan plataforma para apoyar proyectos de jóvenes sobre agua y clima (IPS News Agency)

More Data, Planning Required to Address Water Stress, Human Migration, and Climate Change (Water Canada)

Africa: A Whole New Decade for Water (

Ministers, GWP Call for Urgent Action on SDG 6 (IISD Reporting Services)

Working Together Is Key to Meeting Water Targets by 2030 (IPS News Agency)

Concertar y colaborar, palanca para cumplir metas sobre el agua en 2030 (IPS News Agency)

FAO Reports Address Impact of Water Stress, Disasters on Agriculture and Migration (IISD Reporting Services)

UN Intensifies the Quest for Universal Access to Safe Water (IDN-InDepthNews | Analysis That Matters)

A Whole New Decade for Water (IPS News Agency)

21 million in Pakistan don’t have access to clean water: report (

High and Dry: Can We Fix the World’s Water Crisis? (IPS News Agency)

High and Dry: Can We Fix the World’s Water Crisis? (ReliefWeb)

High and Dry: Can We Fix the World’s Water Crisis? (South-South News)

INTERVIEW: Egypt is a key player in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation: Union for Mediterranean official (Ahram Online)

We Must Take Care of Nature, Because Without Rain There Is No Fresh Water (IPS News Agency)

A cuidar la naturaleza, porque sin lluvia no hay agua dulce (IPS News Agency)

We Must Take Care of Nature, Because Without Rain There Is No Fresh Water (ReliefWeb)

Water stress and human migration: a global, georeferenced review of empirical research (ReliefWeb)

Anticiper les problèmes de l'eau peut atténuer le fardeau des migrations (FAO) (Jambo Congo)

UN FAO Examines Water and Migration Nexus (OOSKA News)

Anticipating water woes can ease migration burden (FAO)

Anticipating water woes can ease migration burden (ReliefWeb)

Anticiparse a los problemas hídricos puede aliviar la presión migratoria (FAO)

Anticiparse a los problemas hídricos puede aliviar la presión migratoria (ReliefWeb)

La escasez de agua también es un factor de migraciones, alerta la FAO (El Nuevo Diario)

La escasez de agua también es un factor de migraciones, alerta la FAO (Diario Fianciero)

Prepararse para la sequía que empuja a marcharse (El País)

FAO: Anticiparse a los problemas hídricos puede aliviar la presión migratoria (

Escasez de agua amenaza a la humanidad: FAO (El Diario)

La escasez de agua provoca movimientos migratorios (Noticias ONU)

Antecipar problemas de água pode aliviar pressão migratória, diz estudo da FAO (ONUBR)

La falta de agua es factor de migración (Diario Libre)

Severe water scarcity affects 2/3rd of global population, says FAO chief (

Water scarcity can paralyse country, warn experts (

UAEREP science roadshow to visit US and Brazil (MENAFN)

‘Water mafia sells 40pc of city’s water through tankers’ (The News International)

Strengthening and Revitalizing Global Partnerships to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (UN Chronicle)

On International Day, UN Calls for Increased Progress on Gender Equality (IISD Reporting Services)

 February 2018

Water and Conflict (The Australian Water Association Magazine)

River diversion raises concern (Bangkok Post)

Monika Weber-Fahr named Global Water Partnership’s new Executive Secretary (EnviroNews Nigeria)

Developing new tools to build climate change resilience into WASH (HR Wallingford)

Nigeria Calls For Collaborative Efforts With Private Sector On Food Security (Africa Prime News)

Global Water Partnership Maps Project Outcomes (IISD Reporting Services)

Fiji Pushes For Greater Finance To Promote Food Security In Response To Rising Seas (Fiji Sun Online)

TEDx Gateway 2018: From politicians to storytellers, meet these innovative personalities (The Free Press Journal)

周学文会见全球水伙伴主席 (Ministry of Water Resources of China)

 January 2018

Dialogues on mainstreaming gender dimensions into water issues (Sustainbility in Debate)  

Organización defensora del agua aboga por unión Latinoamericana para proteger el recurso (Sobreciencia)

AfDB couches Africa water ministers ahead of World Water Forum (New Vision)

World Bank Loans Support Water Supply Services, Wastewater Treatment (IISD Reporting Services)

Can Drought Be Prevented? Slovakia Is Trying to Find Out (The Wire)

Can Drought Be Prevented? Slovakia Aims to Try (IPS News Agency)

Can Drought Be Prevented? Slovakia Aims to Try (ReliefWeb)

Blog: Tackling Climate Change, Enhancing Energy Access (AfriAlliance)