GWP in the News 2019

A selection of news items featuring the Global Water Partnership or GWP representatives throughout the year.

December 2019

Reiterating the role of parliamentarians and stakeholders in anchoring sustainability in the Mediterranean (UNEP)

Tunisie : Les zones humides et l’approche Nexus au cœur de la lutte contre les changements climatiques (

Climate change in Mediterranean: ‘Wetlands are the answer’ (ahramonline)

الأراضي الرطبة لمواجهة تغيرات المناخ فى منطقة المتوسط (

Changements climatiques: les zones humides et l’approche Nexus sous la loupe (L'Economiste)


Lancang-Mekong Countries Look to Deepen Water Resources Cooperation (Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China)

COP25: Water adaptation and resilience, more mainstream than ever before (Netherlands Water Partnership)

The untold story of water in climate adaptation – Part II: 15 countries speak (PreventionWeb)

Water Currents: Water Harvesting Methods (

Linking Technological Innovation and Climate Change Actions for a World Free of Hunger, Malnutrition, and Poverty (IISD/ENB)

Water Should Be A Mainstream Issue In Climate Negotiations (OOSKA News)

Workshops as part of the Alter Aqua Programme (Agenparl)

Peter Rogers, 80 (The Harvard Gazette)

‘It is unscientific to manage surface and groundwater separately’ interview with Barbara Schreiner, Executive Director Water Integrity Network (WIN) (Business Recorder)

Water Resilience Frontiers initiative on climate agenda at COP25 (ESI Africa)

Global Water Partnership launch handbook for primary schools with focus on water (UN-Water)

November 2019

Workshops as part of the Alter Aqua Programme (The Energy and Water Agency)

Former Tanzania President Kikwete elected chairperson of Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (Pan African Visions)

Building toilets not always enough (Smart Water Magazine)

A Cinderella issue? (Sunday Observer Sri Lanka)

Can Africa overcome these three threats to its security and stability? (

Can Africa Overcome These Three Threats To Its Security And Stability? (East African Business Week)

Ashgabat hosts int’l conference on water issues (Trend News Agency)

Turkmenistan hosted international conference “Rational use of water resources – key for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (UrduPoint news)

Turkmenistan is hosting the international conference “Rational use of water resources – key for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals" (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan)

1,7 δισεκατομμύρια περισσότερα λίτρα νερό ετησίως για την Αλεξανδρούπολη (

Ένα καινοτόμο πρόγραμμα που εξασφαλίζει 1,7 δις. περισσότερα λίτρα νερό ετησίως για την Αλεξανδρούπολη (

Εγκαίνια έργου στο Φράγμα Αισύμης (


Καινοτόμο πρόγραμμα διαχείρισης νερού στην Αλεξανδρούπολη (

October 2019

Experts: Provide waterproof bags for villagers in flood-prone area (The Star Online Malaysia)

Water Is Life – They Are Stealing Our Livelihood and We Aren’t Even Noticing (Global Research)

NGO: Get waterproof bags to keep vital items (The Star Online Malaysia)

Dams: Why do we need them? (ABC News)

Locust horde threaten Pakistan’s prized cotton farms (SciDev.Net)

JOSPONG Group Partakes In Budapest Water Summit 2019 (Modern Ghana)

Water Diplomacy Talks — Monika Weber-Fahr (OOSKAnews)

Drought of good ideas has drained water policy (The Australian)

GWP Reports Outcomes from Nine Years’ Work on Water, Climate and Development (IISD Reporting Services)

Residents in flood-prone areas urged to keep emergency bags (

Mbahet në Tiranë tryeza e tretë rajonale e Nexus me qëllim identifikimin e zgjidhjeve të sfidave Ujë-Energji-Ushqim-Mjedis në Europën Juglindore (

Opsione mbi vazhdimësine për menaxhimin e integruar të burimeve natyrore në Evropën Jug-Lindore (

September 2019

COP14 Drought Preparedness Day: Drought Toolbox Delivered (Sohu)

GWP Chair- Water is the First Casualty of Climate Change (7Dnews)

Global Water Partnership-Caribbean — Seed Funding for Young Caribbean Water Entrepreneurs (Terra Viva Grants Directory)

2019 GWP-C Young Caribbean Water Entrepreneurs Shark Tank Competition (

2019 GWP-C Young Caribbean Water Entrepreneurs Shark Tank Competition (OYA Opportunities)

Lancement de la nouvelle Stratégie 2020-2025 du GWP en Afrique de l’Ouest: les partenaires apprécient bien le document (Fasu Actu)

Partenariat régional de l’eau –AO: La stratégie 2020-2025 lancée (Burkina Demain)

Faso Actu: Dialogue régional et de l’Assemblée des Partenaires du GWP-AO: Atteindre les objectifs de développement durable relatifs à l’Eau (Fasu Actu)

Eau et assainissement: Les approches novatrices pour l’atteinte des ODD sous la loupe des acteurs (Burkina 24)

Transformative Water Actions to Accelerate Global Achievement of Climate Change Related Goals (IISD Reporting Services)

Private-sector led Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment brings together companies across the infrastructure investment value chain with assets totalling USD 5 trillion (

Drought Toolbox Launched at UNCCD COP 14 (IISD Reporting Services)

UN body FAO calls for better national drought policies (Business Today)

It's time to shift to proactive drought management policy: FAO (The Times of India)

COP14: Drought toolbox launched to reduce risk in vulnerable countries (The Times of India)

330 million people in India were affected by drought in 2015-16: UN report (Hindustan Times)

Number of undernourished people rose by 45% in seven years: FAO (Live Mint)

Drought most expensive natural calamity, says UN report (The Tribune India)

UNCCD COP14: Desertification, land degradation hit poor hardest (Down to Earth Magazine)

It's time to shift to proactive drought management policy: FAO (Business Standard)

It's time to shift to proactive drought management policy: FAO (Outlook India)

UNCCD Calls for Gender-Responsive Mitigation Measures for Droughts (The Weather Channel)

When is it a Drought? UN Convention Comes Up With New Toolbox to Revolutionise Definition, Response (News 18)

It's time to shift to proactive drought management policy: FAO (Devdiscourse)

UNCCD COP14 throws up innovative methods to fund drought mitigation (Down to Earth Magazine)

Mozambique and Zimbabwe sign agreement to enhance water cooperation in the Buzi Watercourse (Smart Water Magazine)

Framework for the Assessment of Benefits of Action or Cost of Inaction for Drought Preparedness (ReliefWeb)

Drought preparedness day shows pathway for action (ReliefWeb)

Zambia, Swedish research institute agree on funding, water project collaboration (Lusaka Times)

First President of UN Environment Assembly: Everyone Needs to Be Part of the Solution (The Asia Foundation)

The UNCCD Drought Toolbox (ReliefWeb)

UNCCD COP14: Droughts most disastrous for agriculture (Down to Earth Magazine)

UNCCD COP14: Experts stress the need to assess long-term drought impacts (Down to Earth Magazine)

August 2019

Sharing Water: ‘If someone wants to take more, someone else has to take less’ (Smart Water Magazine)

A responsive water policy needed to face Climate Change (The Island, Sri Lanka)

Climate change and water governance (Sri Lanka Sunday Observer)

Towards a synergy-based approach to river basin governance (Observer Research Foundation)

Global Water Partnership launches new strategy to the water world (Smart Water Magazine)

GWP-Caribbean and Statistical Institute of Jamaica Publish Handbook on SDG 6 Monitoring (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP-Caribbean and Statistical Institute of Jamaica Publish Handbook on SDG 6 Monitoring (Jamaica Inquirer)

July 2019

GWP and partners to build drought management capacity in the Caribbean (Smart Water Magazine)

Seleccionados 7 proyectos en Gestión del Agua de EUROCLIMA+ (Euroclima+)

La cuenca del río Santa Lucía contará con más y mejor tecnología para apoyar la gestión integrada de los recursos hídricos (MVOTMA)

‘Water security a growing challenge’ (The Nation, Pakistan)

Death of the delta in Sindh (Geo News)

3 Efforts to Improve Water Management in Armenia (The Borgen Project) 

HLPF Side Event Highlights Critical Role of Water in Integrated SDG Action (IISD Reporting Services) 

Water supply remains a daunting task (ReliefWeb)

Water supply remains a daunting task (New Era Newspaper)

Water, crucial to achieve the SDGs under review at the HLPF 2019 (IISD Reporting Services)

Trinidadian businessman achieves second Scottish University masters degree (

Botswana Water Partnership accredited to GWPO (Smart Water Magazine)

Addressing water challenges in the Caribbean (Smart Water Magazine)

June 2019

St. Kitts-Nevis Hosts National Training Workshop On Drought Risk Management (ZIZ News)

St. Kitts-Nevis Hosts National Training Workshop on Drought Risk Management (SKNIS)

St. Kitts-Nevis Hosts National Training Workshop on Drought Risk Management (

Uganda develops NAP for the agricultural sector (UNDP)

Uganda develops NAP for the agricultural sector (ReliefWeb)

Water resources management key to Africa's sustainable development (Smart Water Magazine) 

Video: Clean Yamuna by WAPCOS (DD News)

Eau: le Partenariat National de l’Eau de Guinée célèbre la journée mondiale de la ressource (

Gestion des inondations et de la sécheresse: L’Autorité du bassin de la Volta lance un projet (Fraternité Matin)

L’Autorité du Bassin de la Volta lance le projet sur la gestion des inondations et de la sécheresse (

Delhi to lose groundwate level by 2020, a study (Skymet Weather)

Delhi Is Running out of Water, and It Is Everybody's Problem (The Wire)

Global Water Partnership CEO on effective leadership (Oxford Water Network - University of Oxford)

Water for peace and development (The News International Pakistan) 

St. Kitts-Nevis Hosts National Training Workshop On Drought Risk Management (ZIZOnline)

WMO and GWP strengthen climate-resilient water management (ReliefWeb)

WMO and GWP strengthen climate-resilient water management (WMO)

ABC Big Ideas panel - Climate Change and Health (Australian National University)

May 2019

The Government Information Service (GIS) of Grenada Coverage of GWP-C and CCCC Workshop

GWP-C and CCCCC Partner with Caribbean Water Sector Stakeholders to Develop Green Climate Fund Projects (Caribbean Climate Blog)

VIDEO: Minister Samantha Marshall addresses opening of Drought and Risk Management Training (268 Today)

Drought Conditions across the Island (ABS Television)

Eau: le Partenariat National de l’Eau de Guinée célèbre la journée mondiale de la ressource (

Resilience in the Limpopo Basin Program (

Building resilience to climate change and suitable health systems (Caribbean News Now)

Achieving resiliency in water and wastewater utilities in the Danube region (Nalas)

A&B represented at workshop to develop climate resilient water activities (Antigua Observer)

NBI Secretariat welcomes new ED, Prof. Seifeldin from Sudan (The Independent Uganda)

Caribbean Water Sector Stakeholders To Develop Resilience Projects (Jamaica Gleaner)

Preparing to Adapt: The Untold Story of Water in Climate Change Adaptation Processes (Reliefweb)

AUDA-NEPAD engages stakeholders on the PIDA Water Programme (IPPmedia)

EUROCLIMA+ boosts risk management of droughts and floods in the Andes (ReliefWeb)

EUROCLIMA+ boosts risk management of droughts and floods in the Andes (World Meterological Organization)

China's environmental improvement efforts make real progress: expert (Xinhua)

Mbetjet plastike në Drin kthehen në vepra arti (


По шести пат ќе се одбележи Денот на реката Дрим (

April 2019

Wake Up/ Dita Ndërkombëtare e Drinit, vendos artin përballë ndotjes plastike (

Grenadian appointed Regional Coordinator for the Secretariat of the Global Water Partnership – Caribbean (Now Grenada)

Farakka Committee for basin-based water management (The Daily Star)

NAP Expo Fosters Partnerships for National Adaptation Planning (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Issues Guidance on Water Action in NAPs (IISD Reporting Services)

Climate Change: National Adaptation Plans Technical Guidelines Launched (OOSKA News)

New Chair of Global Water Partnership visits IWHR and lectures on climate change adaptation (IWHR)

Expanding the Lancang-Mekong Water Cooperation (LMC): GWP Chair visited LMC Center (Sina - in Chinese)

What is Resilience Frontiers? (Innovators Magazine)

Provincial water management body seeks passage of water code (Cebu Daily News)

To ‘Leave no one behind’ : Can Sri Lanka achieve this? (Sri Lanka Sunday Observer)

World Water Day - March 22: Leaving no one behind! (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror)

March 2019

Journée mondiale de l’eau le PNEGUI engagé pour la gestion durable de la ressource (Radio Environnement Guinée)

How ‘liquid of life’ is under threat in the Middle East (Arab News)

I'ts Simple, but Requires Determination (IPPmedia)

It's Simple, but Requires Determination (Global Issues)

Water sector professionals brainstorm on challenges (IPPmedia)

International Women’s Day: Think equal, build smart, innovate for change give a proper school for girls (Sri Lanka Daily Mirror)

It’s Simple, but Requires Determination (IPS News Agency)

Peer-to-peer learning in International Water Law and Water Governance (Smart Water Magazine)

NP Skadarsko jezero dobilo vrijednu donaciju (

Predstavnici organizacije Globalno partnerstvo za vode Mediterana donirali su Nacionalnom parku Skadarsko jezero opremu u vrijednosti od oko 30 hiljada eura (

GWP-MED donirali NP Skadarskom jezeru vrijednu donaciju (

Nacionalnom parku Skadarsko jezero uručena vrijedna donacija za osvajanje novih tehnologija (

Nacionalnom parku Skadarsko jezero uručena vrijedna donacija (

February 2019

Workshop to mark World Wetlands Day (The Sunday Times Sri Lanka)

Countries supported on drought through global initiative (Smart Water Magazine)

GWP Promotes IWRM, “Water Integrity” in West Africa (IISD Reporting Services)

Implementing rainwater harvesting systems with a geomembrane bag in Honduras and El Salvador (Smart Water Magazine)

ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ ΝΕΡΟ – Όλα όσα επιτεύχθηκαν μέσα σε έξι χρόνια (

Woman running 100 marathons in 100 days stops in Arizona to meet Olympian Michael Phelps (


February 2 - World Wetlands Day: Help preserve ecosystem equilibrium (Sunday Observer)

World Wetlands Day: Think before you leap (Daily Mirror Sri Lanka)

January 2019

FEATURE: Water – how to mobilise enough action on this crux adaptation issue? (CDKN)

A Water Crisis Is Brewing Between South Asia’s Arch-Rivals (Bloomberg)

Water crisis brews between India and Pakistan as rivers run dry (The Times of India)

GlobalWaterWorks Salutes #RunningDry Movement and Invites Use of NRWA Savings Engine to Save Water, Save Energy and Save Money (Associated Press)

Video: Greece's first vertical garden on public building in Thessaloniki (Tornos News - International Edition)

Greece's first vertical garden planted on public building in Thessaloniki (

Thessaloniki plants Greece’s first vertical garden (Greek City Times)

The non-stop waste of water (

UNESCO, UNECE Bring Groundwater into South America Policy Discussions (IISD Reporting Services)

WWC, GWP Explore Investment Opportunities for Climate-resilient Water Infrastructure (IISD Reporting Services)

Honorary Professor Howard Bamsey appointed Chair of Global Water Partnership (GWP) (Australian National University)

Global Water Partnership (GWP) appoints New Chair (Smart Water Magazine)

Global Water Partnership Names Howard Bamsey New Chair (Water Canada)