Urban Water Management

By 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population, some 6.4 billion people, are expected to live in towns and cities, almost doubling the current urban population.

GWP promotes and supports an integrated approach to water management at the urban level and has been active in many countries where rapid urbanisation is resulting in unsustainable use of water resources.

With a strong focus on building capacity among local decision-makers and practitioners, GWP has established strong foundations from which to target specific urban development policy and planning frameworks.

This was most clearly reflected in the development of a Pan-African programme on municipal urban master plans in collaboration with the African Development Bank, although the topic of urban water management was also highlighted as a priority in Asia and Latin America.

Looking back at 2017-2019, key activities included:

  • An Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) Programme for Africa was being developed in partnership with the African Water Facility of the African Development Bank in the context of securing funding for programme implementation
  • GWP was collaborating with GWOPA UN-Habitat to develop an Urban Water Hub in order to:
      • advocate for sustainable development and promote key messages on innovative urban water management approaches at all levels;
      • be a leverage for action, notably by the use of the existing networks and multiply their effectiveness;
      • allow an increased accessibility to information and knowledge exchange on innovative urban water management solutions using the diversity of experiences available in the Hub;
      • lobby and leverage financing for innovative programs and projects, using the strategic positioning of the Hub.