Interactive Online Session: Water Diplomacy and Negotiation

Back by popular demand, the Transboundary Freshwater Security Governance Train began its ‘Season 2’ in September 2021. This series of online engagement sessions follow a ‘train-like’ approach, stopping at various locations around the world and focusing on topics related to transboundary freshwater security. Each new stop explores a different topic from the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security. The Transboundary Freshwater Security Governance Train continues its journey on 16 November, with a 9th interactive session in the series. The topic for this event is water diplomacy and negotiation in international water law. It is a jointly organized by GWP and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)/International Centre for Water Cooperation (ICWC).

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The effects of climate change coupled with an increasing demand for water will accelerate rising water stress in the future. Since over 60 percent of the global freshwater resources are transboundary in nature, the projected increase in water stress demands more engagement in transboundary water cooperation and thus also in water diplomacy to open new opportunities for cooperation and to keep cooperation the norm in the future. 

The purpose of this event is to introduce the participants to the concept of water diplomacy, how it can help to strengthen cooperation and prevent conflicts over shared water resources, and to explore the actual practices of negotiations on the ground. We focus on sharing practical knowledge and experiences from actual negotiations over shared water resources. Join us to explore what type of support the international community can provide to stakeholders negotiating over shared waters.We focus on sharing practical knowledge and experiences from actual negotiations over shared water resources. Join us to explore what type of support the international community can provide to stakeholders negotiating over shared waters. 

Join us for the negotiation simulation exercise!

This session will be followed by a negotiation simulation exercise for a limited number of participants. During this 40-min simulation participants will negotiate on an imaginary scenario to be solved with diplomatic tools and negotiation mechanisms. Our facilitators are Katie Goldie-Ryder, Programme Officer in the Transboundary Water Cooperation Department at SIWI, and Julienne Ndjiki, Programme Officer & Gender Equality Champion, Transboundary Water Cooperation, SIWI. If you would like to take part in the negotiation simulation, please register via this link by 10th November. 

WHEN: Tuesday, 16 November, at 9:00 (Washington DC), 11:00 (Rio de Janeiro), 14:00 (London), 15:00 (Stockholm), 16:00 (Johannesburg), 22:00 (Beijing). 

Duration: 1.5 hours, followed by a negotiation simulation exercise (40 min) 

HOW: The registration for negotiation exercise is open on a first come basis until 12th November. 

WHAT: The session will feature speakers with different experiences to share, discussing the following topics: 

  • How can water diplomacy help strengthen cooperation and prevent conflicts over shared water resources? 

  • How to ensure that transboundary water resources are cooperatively and sustainably managed in the future? 

  • Which tools are available to facilitate negotiations? And how does negotiating in the realm of transboundary water cooperation work?  


The confirmed speakers  are: 

  • Dr. Yumiko Yasuda (Event moderator and Co-Chair), Senior Network & Transboundary Water Cooperation Specialist, Global Water Partnership, 

  • Dr. Martina Klimes (Co-Chair), Advisor for Water & Peace, Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI and International Centre for Water Cooperation, ICWC, 

  • Professor Aaron WolfProfessor of Geography in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University and Professor at IHE-Delft, 

  • H.E. Hassan Janabi, former Minister of Water Resources, Iraq and former Ambassador of Iraq to the Republic of Turkey, 

  • Dr. Zodwa Dlamini, Former Chief Delegate of Republic of South Africa on the Lesotho Highlands Water Commission. 

Prior to this online session, participants are encouraged to register to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security, and to take a look at Module 2 (Water Diplomacy and Negotiation Skills) of the MOOC.  


“Water Diplomacy: Facilitating Dialogue” by Dr Martina Klimes and Elizabeth A Yaari. 

 Photo: Danube River in Hungary, byéter Mocsonoky 

Le message en français

Le 16 novembre 2021 à 15h CET, nous poursuivons la saison 2 de la série d'événements en ligne "Transboundary Freshwater Security Governance Train" avec une session interactive sur "Diplomatie de l'Eau et Négociation", co-organisée par SIWI et GWP. L'objectif de cet événement est de présenter aux participants le concept de diplomatie de l'eau, comment il peut aider à renforcer la coopération et à prévenir les conflits sur les ressources en eau partagées, et d'explorer les pratiques réelles de négociation sur le terrain.

La session sera accompagnée d'un exercice de négociation de 40 minutes. Si vous souhaitez participer à la simulation de négociation, vous devrez l'indiquer dans le formulaire d'inscription à l'événement. Veuillez noter que l'inscription à l'exercice de négociation est ouverte à un nombre limité de participants jusqu'au 12eme novembre! Vous trouverez plus de détails sur cette session ici. Si vous souhaitez participer à l'événement, veuillez vous inscrire ici. Une interprétation en français sera disponible pour cet événement. Ce sera la dernière session interactive du MOOC en 2021, alors ne la manquez pas!