GWP advances SDG reporting in 30 countries

GWP has leveraged its stakeholder network to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reporting process in 30 countries. Together with UN Environment-DHI, the custodian agency of SDG 6.5.1, GWP is convening 30 workshops to collect the official country data for 6.5.1. (Integrated Water Resources Management, IWRM).

The results of the workshops will form part of the SDG 6 baseline data to be included in UN-Water’s SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation, which will serve as an input to the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF). 

In alignment with the principles of IWRM, the workshops brought together diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, research institutions, and civil society organizations. Participants discussed the status of water resources management in-country and filled in the official SDG 6.5.1 in a collaborative manner. 

The workshops make up Stage 1 of GWP’s broader SDG 6 Support Programme (SDG6-SP), which will be carried out in partnership with UN Environment-DHI and UNDP Cap-Net. The workshops highlighted next steps and national priority areas for IWRM, which will be used to design priority interventions to further advance SDG 6. 

From August to November 2017, GWP has convened consultative workshops in the following countries: