GWP Introduces Online Partner Search

The new GWP website was launched on 22 March. The new features at the launch were much-improved search functions for news, events, and knowledge. Now we are pleased to introduce one more search function – one of the most asked-for features: a new and improved GWP Partner Search.

GWP has over 3,000 Partners worldwide – this is the biggest resource of the Network; the Partners are what make GWP. But this resource is also a challenge to manage and make the most use of – due to the worldwide reach and difference in governance structures and management cultures.

The new GWP Partner Search is an effort to bring the Partners closer together – to truly feel part of the Network – and to encourage them to engage with each other.

The search function makes it possible for anybody to identify GWP Partners throughout the global network - and to refine searches by region, country, organisation types, and/or sectors.

The search provides contact details such as e-mail, telephone number and website – where available (not all Partners have websites). We hope this will be a valued new resource for the entire GWP Network – feedback is welcome!