Mexico Hosts Third Consultation on Valuing Water

GWP is coordinating consultations on "Valuing Water", an initiative of the United Nations High-Level Panel on Water (HLPW). On July 24, the third consultation was held in Mexico City with about 50 stakeholders.

The consultation in Mexico was inaugurated by Ms. Margriet Leemhuis of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico, Mr. Fernando González Cáñez of the National Water Commission of Mexico (CONAGUA), Mr. Dámaso Luna of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Mr. Diego Rodriguez of the World Bank Mexico and Mr. Joshua Newton of Global Water Partnership.

Mr. Fernando González Cañes emphasized that "this activity represents a worthy and unique effort, because for the first time a small group of high level people, with wide knowledge on water, has gathered to share their opinions on the subject to reach fruitful conclusions, which will be reflected in the package of deliverables of the consultation."

GWP facilitated the discussion that was carried out with the same methodology that has been used in previous consultations (South Africa on 30 May, Tajikistan on 6 July), including workshops to gather participants' views on the Initiative and the issue of valuing water in general. Participants then prioritized messages to be shared with the HLPW on the Preamble and Principles, as part of the process of revision to improve the actual proposal.

Participants also suggested possible actions to implement the Valuing Water Initiative and there was a round of discussion by sector (energy, private banking, academia, drinking water and sanitation, among others) on the relevance of the Initiative.

As a closing message, Ambassador Nieske Leemhuis suggested adding a principle, which is to have a world without conflict over water and that the responsibility to avoid wars and enmities for water is from all sectors, and above all, of all human beings.

A report is being prepared which will be used as input for a final report, which will be submitted to the HLPW, once all consultations have been completed.