SDG 6 Initiative in Honduras

The Government of Honduras is fully committed to implementing the SDGs. That is why the authorities have begun efforts to align the SDGs with national and programmatic objectives for development - a summary of work done to date has now been published.

GWP Central America has been working with the Secretariat of Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines (MiAmbiente), the General Government Coordination Secretariat (SCGG), the National Council for Water and Sanitation (CONASA) of Honduras, in the implementation of GWP´s SDG Preparedness Facility. The process has been named the “SDG 6 Initiative”.

The general objective of this initiative is for the country to establish the necessary conditions at the sectoral and institutional level, to promote the effective implementation of the SDG 6. The initial phase of the process has been documented and an executive summary has been prepared and published. 

The summary includes a brief characterisation of the situation of the country's water sector, the steps that have been taken and that still need to be done, conclusions, opportunities and challenges.

A Spanish version is available on the GWP Central America website.