Mapping Water Governance Results

The GWP network delivers results and this month we launch an online, interactive map showing how we have contributed to improving water resources management over the years. You can use several filters to see the results according to different categories.

Water insecurity keeps hundreds of millions of people in poverty. It hampers human development and economic growth, and since 2012 the water crisis has been continuously listed among the top five global risks in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report.

“In contrast, the map we offer you to dive into, tells a different story: one where water, when managed well, is an enabler of inclusive, sustainable growth, and a solution to many of the challenges of sustainable development, from achieving food and energy security to alleviating poverty, promoting equitable societies, reducing disaster risk, and combating climate change” explains GWP Resource Mobilisation and Partnership Manager Nicolas Delaunay.

Explore the Results

Behind the many dots on the map are stories where a new water policy, a national adaptation plan, a transboundary management agreement, an investment plan or strategy, a regional planning framework, strengthened legislation or institutional reform led to stronger water governance.

“This is a condition sine qua non to ensure real development and socioeconomic benefits through increased investment in appropriate infrastructure, empowerment of marginalised groups and more sustainable use of resources, across many of the most vulnerable countries, regions, water basins”, says Delaunay.

With the overall vision of achieving water security and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GWP supports countries to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development.

In the little over 20 years since GWP was founded, the network has successfully influenced more than 400 outcomes that have contributed to improved water governance. These results are the most demonstrable illustration of GWP's achievements and progress in reaching the vision of water security through the incorporation of IWRM and water governance.

The map can be searched through filtered results - global, regional & transboundary river basins, and country – and by key pillars of IWRM and themes. It also responsive and adapats to all devices. The content will be updated continously.