Who are the Water ChangeMakers Across the Globe?

The Water ChangeMaker Awards closed its submissions on 14 June – with 350+ individuals and groups from over 80 countries having submitted their personal experiences on how they have influenced water decisions that build climate resilience. Since that time, all submitted projects have undergone eligibility and verification screening.

The list of all eligible submissions that will move forward to the first stage of judging with the Technical Jury is now available on the website at www.waterchangemakers.org.

The judging of the submissions will be done in two stages.

In the first stage, a Technical Jury will seek to identify the journeys that will qualify to go on to a semi-final round based on an evaluation of their:

  • Climate Resilience built through Water Decisions 
  • Magnitude & Longevity of Change 
  • Depth of Learning, and
  • Breadth of Collaboration 

Who are the judges?

A qualified set of 9 judges from around the world have accepted to be part of the Technical Jury (first stage).

Led by Scott Moore from the University of Pennsylvania, the team includes Paulette Bynoe (University of Guyana), Melita Grant (Institute for Sustainable Futures), Yoonjin Kim (Korea Water Forum), Salvador Montenegro (formerly of the Center for Research in Aquatic Resources of Nicaragua), Dambudzo Muzenda (World Bank), Fatema Rajabali (UNFCCC), Bota Sharipova (World Youth Parliament for Water - WYPW),  and Sarra Touzi (Independent Consultant).

We have every confidence in their ability to identify the candidates who have the potential to go a step further in sharing their journeys – and then all the way to the Final!

In the second stage of judging,  semi-finalists will be asked to supply short answers to two additional questions: one related to the leadership qualities that they were able to demonstrate during their experience; and the other related to how the various values of water were taken into consideration during their change journey. This round of evaluations, led by a different panel of thought leaders, will determine who the finalists are – which also means being featured in GWP’s future tools and publications. The finalists will also be given the opportunity to explore collaboration with other thought leaders and Water ChangeMakers from across the globe.