New Resources to Support IWRM Implementation

On World Water Day, the SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme is announcing a major upgrade and new resources on its website to better share the challenges and opportunities countries face when implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Several new items include an IWRM Action Searcher, an interactive map, and stakeholder reports.

The Support Programme, organised since 2017 under the guidance of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and coordinated by Global Water Partnership (GWP) in collaboration with UNEP-DHI Centre and Cap-Net UNDP, is a coordination mechanism which assists governments in designing and implementing country-led responses to SDG indicator 6.5.1—the degree of implementation of IWRM — as an entry point to accelerate progress towards the achievement of water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other development goals, in line with their national priorities.

Among the exciting new upgrades to the Support Programme website are the following:

Furthermore, to accelerate implementation of IWRM for countries who in 2020 reported on their current status of SDG 6.5.1, the Support Programme is organising an online learning exchange on Action Planning, to be held on April 27th, targeted at all those interested in advancing or supporting enhanced water resources management. More details on the online learning exchange will be shared soon. Please note that there will be limited space in the learning exchange, and preference will be given to SDG 6.5.1 focal points and the GWP network.

“With these exciting new materials and the upcoming online learning exchange, our intention is to facilitate the sharing of experiences and lessons learned between countries that we are assisting to advance on their water-related challenges. We also hope to attract more investors and partners to increase support for the many high-impact actions collectively defined by key stakeholders in the countries we have supported“, said Darío Soto-Abril, Executive Secretary of GWP. “This is an opportunity to come together to support collective action to overcome water-related challenges at a much greater scale. If you share that goal, we look forward to hearing more from all!”.