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SDG 6 Support Programme: Stakeholders in Cameroon test the Gender Checklist

How can GWP support governments to better integrate gender into their IWRM plans and policies to improve country score on SDG 6.5.1? In response to this, GWP-Central Africa organized a multi-stakeholder consultation in Mbalmayo, Cameroon on February 22nd to test the gender checklist developed by the Global Water Partnership (GWPO) under its SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme.
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New course: Building successful national IWRM Action Plans

A comprehensive new course – the SDG 6.5.1 IWRMAction Planning course – will equip participants with the tools needed to design and implement an inclusive and successful integrated water resources management (IWRM)Action Plan.
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Enhancing Multi-Stakeholder Processes for SDG 6 – New Publication

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many meetings, workshops, and consultations suddenly went online. In many parts of the world, in-person meetings were impossible for a long time, and only now are slowly resuming. In other parts, hybrid meetings with online presence and in-person participation are becoming the new norm. Each of these formats comes with its pros and cons. In-person meetings allow for broader and deeper discussions, while online meetings are logistically easier to manage and make it easier for more participants to join. A new publication analyzes the impact that different formats can have on the quality of the interaction in the context of multi-stakeholder consultations.