New Briefing Note on Drought in Central America

GWP Central America worked closely with partners to increase regional capacity regarding droughts. A new briefing note on the topic highlights the work that has been done in the context of the Water, Climate and Development Programme.

GWP Central America briefing note on drought

With climate change, droughts are increasingly recurring in Central America and the damage they cause is extensive. That is why Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is key to adaptation to drought and water security in the region.

GWP Central America has been working with the Regional Hydraulic Resources Committee (CRRH) to build capacity of the meteorological services regarding the monitoring of drought in the region. The meteorologists are now using the Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) to monitor drought and a working group on drought has being established, the quarterly forecasts now include information regarding this issue.

A study on the characterization of droughts in Dry Corridor of Central America has been published and another study regarding the impacts of the drought in august of 2014 is underway.

The briefing note can be viewed and downloaded here along with other documents on drought (all materials are in Spanish).