Central and Eastern Europe

Summer School 2019

"When the stakes are high: Water Engineering and Global Diplomacy for Sustainable Cities. Decentralized Sanitation, Recycling and Zero-waste concepts" Summer School will take place on 18-28 June 2019 in Piran, Slovenia.

The Summer School will provide a multi-layered programme that aims to bridge theoretical knowledge, practical issues and links to policies in water resource management. Jointly organized by Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE), University of Ljubljana (UL), Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and COST Action Circular City, this year's focus is on the concepts for ecological water management in water-scarce areas. The topics include socio-economical, technical and environmental and health risk aspects of decentralized wastewater treatment systems, ecological sanitation methods, integrated water resources management, water governance processes, their conceptualization and the first steps towards their practical implementation.

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