Water-related SDGs implementation progressing in Ukraine

GWP Ukraine gathered stakeholders to evaluate the implementation of water-related SDGs in the country’s policy documents and legislation on 26 September 2019.

The event took place in parallel with the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) of 74th UN General Assembly, where Ukraine reported on the progress in achieving SDG 6. Given that Ukraine is currently updating its water governance system, the event allowed the stakeholders to discuss the gaps and implementation progress while also reflecting on most pressing challenges for water sector.

The event was attended by 90 representatives of central executive bodies, basin administrations and basin councils, public organizations, academia and research institutions. The event was hosted by the GWP partner – the Institute of Water Problems and Reclamation (IWPR) of NAASU and chaired by Mr. Mykhailo Yatsyuk, Chair of GWP Ukraine. During the seminar, representatives of GWP Partner institutions UCEWP, MAMA-86 and IWPR, presented the global political frameworks and existing monitoring systems for SDG6. Special attention was paid to the results of analysis of SDG6 and its targets, indicators adaptation and their incorporation into the national legislation related to water and sanitation and water resources management.

The participants discussed in detail and fulfilled the questionnaire on the assessment of the degree of incorporation of definitions of the global SDG6, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.b, 13.1 into strategic Ukrainian documents. Diving deeper into the existing political and legal frameworks, the participants concluded that national targets under the global SDGs do not provide clear division of roles and responsibilities aimed at implementation of IWRM and improved water governance system.

The GWP Ukraine also invited young professionals to have a meaningful dialogue with policymakers on youth engagement in water issues. Youth was represented by students and young water professionals from Kiev National University, Rivne University of Water Management, the National University of Biology and Natural Resources and the Institute of Water Problems and Reclamation. The dialogue was organized in the frame of the Youth Voices Policy Choices initiative in Central and Eastern Europe. It focused on the current water issues in Ukraine, the challenges and barriers for young professionals and the opportunities and tools for cooperation between youth and policy makers in the water sector. One of the conclusions was that currently the decision-making process in water sector is such that it prevents the youth from navigating and efficiently engaging in the water governance system. The partners of GWP Ukraine will continue putting efforts into further involvement of young people in IWRM in Ukraine.