Catalyzing change

Looking back to 13 years of existence, GWP Eastern Africa has achieved a lot, but there is still a long way to go. Major achievements include the following:

  • Increasing political will to integrate  IWRM in national policies, strategies and planning processes amongst the 8 Country Water Partnerships;
  • Growing national ownership of GWP Eastern Africa Programs (Water and Climate Change Development Program) and other projects currently or formerly implemented;
  • Catalyzing shift in mindset specifically local citizens’ awareness and understanding of  the protection and management issues   of water catchments and ecosystems around them;
  • Promoting advocacy based  on research specifically in areas of climate change and water security;
  • Improving national policies and strategies because of high level engagements through policy dialogues and communication and sharing of best practices; 

As a whole, countries in Eastern Africa, are increasingly considering   water as a critical resource for sustainable development. So far, decision-makers from the 8 countries are steadily realizing and understanding the linkages between climate change, water security, food security and energy security dynamics.  Henceforth, mobilizing requisite efforts and resources  to meet present and  (food, water, energy) future needs.