GWPEA Mission, Vision and Core Values

GWPEA Guiding Principles and Objectives


 As a wider network of partners, the fundamental mission of GWPEA is to build alliances and strengthen the institutional capabilities of its members in order to encourage and reinforce the research, expertise and information networks on IWRM. This fits into the overall mission statement of the GWP network that is “to advance integrated water resources management at all levels for sustainable and inclusive growth”


 GWP’s vision is for a “water secure world”. This implies that water is accessible for all productive needs, the socio-economic development of people and ecosystems and minimizes its destructive actions.

 Vision StatementBy 2030, higher levels of water security and climate resilience are achieved by countries of the Eastern Africa and the Grater Horn of Africa, with populations experiencing clear socio-economic and environmental benefits.”

 Core Values

GWP's core values unite the partners and are paramount to pursuing its mission.

The main requirement for membership is that partners agree to adhere to the core values. GWP Partners, and all GWP regional entities, agree to strive for inclusiveness, openness, transparency, accountability, respect, gender sensitivity and solidarity. GWP expects all partners to apply them, bringing together, as needed, as wide a group of stakeholders as possible in fulfillment of its mission.

The values underpin meaningful dialogue among people with different interests and mindsets, and strengthen GWP's neutral stance and credibility. Solidarity is at the heart of GWP's development endeavors and is essential to our commitment to the poor and disadvantaged