Become a Partner

Partnership is our strength. We strongly believe that water security and climate resilience in region will be achieved through collaborative partnerships and functioning networks.  As a result, we have 8 functioning Country Water Partnerships and local active networks and partners.

Process of membership

  • Declaration of intent to join to chairperson of Country Water Partnerships in writing and the chairperson analyses eligibility;
  • Chairperson of CWP informs GWP Eastern Africa‚Äôs about eligibility of prospective member;
  • GWP Eastern Africa submits the application of the prospective members  to the Regional Steering Committee for review and approval or disapproval;
  • Regional Steering Committee submits the approval of the prospective GWP Members to GWPO for consideration and final
  • approval. 

Benefits of membership

  • A favorable and free forum (free space) bringing together diverse actors to share expertise, experiences and knowledge on water resources management, climate change: challenges, working strategies (best practices)  and draw broad-based action plans and recommendation;

  • Accessibility to valuable knowledge resources in Integrated Water Resources Management(IWRM) and Climate Change Adaptations (CHA) from GWPO and GWP Eastern Africa;
  • Effective coordination and communication between partnerships: GWPO, GWP Eastern Africa, CWPs, and local partnerships and networks. Without effective partnerships, duplication, fragmentation and information transformation is more likely;
  • Legitimizing and influencing change  in policies, planning process, practices and mindset by speaking one voice and actions in form of policy dialogue forums;
  • It provides a regional mechanism for knowledge and technology transfer, including best practice and its replication;
  • It provides opportunities for collaboration and decision-making among other benefits.