DRESSEA Project: GWPEA Held National and Regional Consultation Workshops in Uganda

In March 2019, GWPEA continued with national consultation workshops with key stakeholders who will be involved in the implementation of the project titled “Strengthening Drought Resilience of Small Holder Farmers and Pastoralists in the IGAD region”- DRESS EA.

DRESSEA  project is expected to be funded by the Adaptation Fund and implemented by Global Water Partnership Eastern Africa in partnership with Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) and the four riparian countries (Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda).

The project focus is to enhance resilience of small holder farmers and pastoralists to drought related risks through strengthening drought management actions that enhance their adaptive capacities. This will be achieved through facilitating investments in early warning systems, building the capacity of targeted stakeholders, supporting innovative adaptation actions and enhancing knowledge management and skills amongst stakeholders in the region.

The project concept has already undergone review and endorsement by the Adaptation Fund and needs to be developed further into a detailed full project proposal. After Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan ,GWPEA team together with the Regional Consultant travelled to Karamoja, Uganda to engage stakeholders from Government institutions, Civil Society Organizations, local community members etc. to gather necessary information and explain the project. 

These consultations were followed by the regional workshop held in Entebbe on 15th March.  OSS, GWPEA and Representatives from the four countries held successful discussions and provided input into the project proposal and validated the information collected during the consultative exercise that had been undergoing in the four riparian countries.  The project proposal is expected to be submitted to the Adaptation Fund before end April 2019.