GWPEA to celebrate 20 years of implementing IWRM in Eastern Africa

“Flowing Forward: 20 years of excellence in Sustainable Water Partnerships.”

Global Water Partnership Eastern Africa (GWPEA) is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of dedicated work in implementing Integrated Water Resource Management in the region. This momentous occasion presents an opportunity to reflect on our milestones, lessons learned, best practices, and remarkable achievements. We anticipate that this event will not only increase our regional and global visibility but also serve as a catalyst for attracting resources from our esteemed funding partners.

Building on the success of our 10th-anniversary commemoration, where we documented and shared the significant milestones, lessons, and best practices achieved over a decade, GWPEA aims to repeat this success by producing a comprehensive report for the 20-year period. This report will be disseminated to stakeholders to showcase our progress.

The 20th-anniversary celebration is planned to coincide with the Regional Steering Committee's meeting in October 2023, resulting in an impactful and meaningful event. Beyond the main celebration, GWPEA has developed an array of activities that will be widely publicized, attracting greater visibility and engagement with stakeholders. These activities will constitute the report to be disseminated and thus foster the development of new partnerships and further expand our network. It is important to note that the activities leading up to the main celebration will be a collaborative endeavour, drawing upon the participation and contribution of both the Regional Water Partnership and the 10 Country Water Partnerships.