Kenya Consultation Identifies Five Priority Areas for Water

Kenya organized the national consultations on water for the post-2015 development agenda at the Kenya Institute of Water in Nairobi on 14 March 2014. More than 30 participants from cross sectoral organizations attended the meeting, which was supported by GWP Eastern Africa.

The participants critically reviewed the proposed goals and targets proposed by UN-water, and agreed that all the targets for water should work towards integrated water resources management (IWRM). They also agreed that the goal and targets on water were relevant as they addressed five priority areas:

  • Universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, improvement of water quality and the raising of service standards. The target is relevant as it would lead to healthy individuals and a healthy nation on the overall. Rising service standards must address adequacy.
  • The sustainable use and development of water resources, increasing and sharing of the available benefits. The target is relevant. It will result in increased prosperity. It will also lead to improved water utilization for food security. The ‘sharing’ should encompass trans-boundary resources and lead towards IWRM.
  • Robust and effective water governance with more effective institutions and administrative systems. The target is relevant as it provides a society where equity is upheld. There is need to develop appropriate water governance structures for the county governments, given that provision of water and sanitation is a devolved function.
  • Improved water quality and wastewater management, taking into account environmental limits. This will lead to protected ecosystems.
  • Reduced risk of water-related disasters to protect vulnerable groups and minimize economic losses. This will lead to resilient communities.