Sudan and Slovakia Water Partnerships Collaborate

Cooperation between GWP Slovakia and the Eastern Africa region has been in existence for quite some time. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Khartoum in March to outline the next steps of collaboration.

Initially, GWP Slovakia established an ongoing communication with Save The Lake Foundation, which runs a long-term programme on the Victoria Lake to clean it from harmful water hyacinth. The removed biomass is later used for fertilization and heating.

GWP Slovakia also participated in the First Environmental Conference in Khartoum. Following bilateral meetings between 12- 19th March 2016, the Slovakia team gained first insight on water-related programmes and projects in  the Eastern Africa region (especially the ambitious  programme of building a green shelterbelt around the Khartoum City and others).

GWP Slovakia expressed willingness to help these activities through expert assistance and fundraising.

The climate change combat activities in Sudan will be supported by GWP Slovakia in the context of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Higher Council of Environment Rural and Urban Promotion (Sudan) and the Technical University in Zvolen and by GWP Slovakia on 17th of March 2016 in Khartoum. The Department of Environment of the TU Zvolen is also a partner institution of GWP Slovakia.

According to the MoU, GWP Slovakia will support the Higher Council by:

  • Expert assistance and participation within the executive committee of the Green Belt project;
  • Knowledge and equipment sharing;
  • Help to prepare the pilot phase of the Green Belt project, including assistance on how to apply funds from EU programmes;
  • Masters and PhD. student exchange 

As a follow up to their visit, a meeting was organised between the Director General of the National Centre for Research and the Secretary General of the Environment Council of the Northern State.  Desertification control and water management, especially river bank erosion and sand bars were discussed in the meeting.

The Slovak delegation is expected to return to Sudan within the next 2 months. Meanwhile, the partners will work together to finalise the project documentation.

Photo: Horse carriage in Khartoum, Sudan