GWP Organized a Training on IWL in Entebbe, Uganda

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) together with the International Authority on Development (IGAD), the Africa Network on Basin Organizations (ANBO), UNECE, Makerere University and other partners organized a regional training on Water Governance and International Water Law for Trans-boundary Water Management in Africa in Entebbe, Uganda from 05-07 June 2017.

This practical and interactive workshop attracted over 30 water practitioners and professionals from various river basins and enabled them to understand the international laws of water and discuss the synthesis on the importance of IWL implementation, lessons learnt and how the riparian states can move forward.

 In general, the training course was a success. The main objectives of the workshop were largely met through the presentations made by the facilitators. Members’ understanding/application of key issues covered in the presentations was improved through group exercises and discussions.

The organizers managed to bring together a diverse group of professionals from different parts of the African continent, which enabled members to share various experiences. In addition, the facilitators were a blend of well-informed researchers, industry experts and seasoned professionals on the subject matter, which enabled members to appreciate the course content.

 Major challenges during the workshop included language barrier during group exercises and inability to complete some of the group work due to time constraints. As recommended by participants of the workshop, the number of days for this training should be increased in the future, to enable members fully to appreciate the International laws governing transboundary management and utilization of water resources; discuss issues affecting implementation of these laws; and share in-depth experiences on the subject topic