GWP Organized a Training on Water Governance and International Water Law (IWL) in Entebbe, Uganda

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) together with the International Authority on Development (IGAD), the Water Hub, the Africa Network on Basin Organizations (ANBO), UNECE, Makerere University and other partners organized a regional training on Water Governance and International Water Law for Transboundary Water Management in Africa in Entebbe, Uganda from 25-27 June 2018

The training seeks to raise awareness and promote the value of international legal frameworks in fostering national, regional and international cooperation and facilitate good water governance through the strengthening of technical and institutional capacities of agencies and individuals that have the potential to influence and advise decision-makers on negotiation, adoption and implementation of legal frameworks for water management.

“Uganda is grateful for the opportunity to host IWL training and stands to benefit from the expertise and knowledge that it brings”, said Mrs. Florence Adongo, Diretor of Uganda Directorate of Water Resources Management

The training attracted over 20 water practitioners and professionals from RBOs and governments (Foreign affairs ministries, ministries in charge of water affairs, legislators, lecturers, water management agencies, etc.) who have a role in negotiating, drafting or reforming treaties and legislations (regulation, control), planning, decision-making on trans-boundary waters in Africa.

 It is expected that at the end of the training participants will become familiar with recent trends in IWL, its main rules and principles, and the challenges and experience faced in its implementation across Africa. Participants will also understand how negotiation is used in water diplomacy and the different approaches to negotiation in the context of transboundary water cooperation as well as judicial means to solve water disputes through examples from case-law of international courts and tribunals.

 "We ultimately hope that this IWL training will also act as a catalyst for fostering a strong collaboration built on experience sharing and common goals”, stated Dr. Ahmed Eldaw, Regional Coordinator for GWP Eastern Africa