GWPEA Supported Journalists Documenting Climate Change Adaptation Practices in Mubende, Uganda

On 29-30 November 2018, GWPEA organized a media field visit for selected media outlets/practicing journalists drawn from seven media houses to explore further the aspects of drought risk management in Mubende, Uganda and develop stories to be aired in Uganda as well as potential case studies.

The field visit is a follow up to the previous media workshop held in Mukono in August 2018 which familiarized journalists with IWRM and sensitized them to make more stories on water security, climate resilience and drought risk management.

 The first day was devoted to the field visit and journalists were able to see what is happening on the ground and interact with beneficiaries and stakeholders while the second day was used to discuss about different angles for stories and case studies and develop them.

During the field visit, journalists met community members, district officials, C-CARE representatives and were able to witness innovative ways and best practices in addressing challenges related to climate change and drought in Mubende, a region prone to acute drought and serving as cattle-corridor.

 In fact, farmers have been experiencing unreliable rainfall and longer periods of drought. To improve their resilience and build a better future, farmers have engaged in a project to introduce climate-smart agriculture. The project uses an integrated approach and encompasses various technologies with the aim of increasing productivity in a sustainable manner and enhancing resilience through adaptation.

Best practices, lessons leant, facts and figures collected by journalists will be used to generate and disseminate stories using different media channels as well as potential case studies.