GWPEA Celebrates International Women's Day 2018

8 March marks International Women’s Day. The global theme for this year is “Time is Now: Rural and urban activities transforming women’s lives”. To celebrate this important day and highlight the theme, GWPEA interviewed Mrs. Sarah Mawerere, Environmental reporter and gender activist from Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC)and asked her the following question: Time is now for quality in water access and management! How can activism empower #WaterWomen?

Below are her views:

“Yes, time is now for equality in water access and management for the women and by the women!

Women require water in all the production activities that they do in society. They do agriculture, businesses and all the house chores require water.

Activists can empower women to gain capacities and power to demand government to ensure the provision, accessibility and management of water as a right. The women especially the rural women once empowered and supported to get access to water sources, they will have the capacity to have it, reserve it and protect it for their activities.

As a media champion, media is the best medium of communication that can amplify the voices of the activists and women. By doing this, media sets the agenda to influence policy formulation for water provision and accessibility to water”.