GWP-EA gets new Chairperson

Mr. Francois Tetero has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Consulting Partners and Regional Steering Committee for the Global Water Partnership Eastern Africa

A senior water resource expert and formerly working with the Government of Rwanda in the Water Resource Management department, Mr. Francois Tetero replaced Mr. Peter Macharia who has been serving in the same seat for four years. He continues to serve as the Chairperson of the Rwanda Water Partnership.

Mr. Tetero takes on the role at a time when the region is experiencing a series of adverse climate changes including drought, floods and landslides among others, as well as the need to strengthen Integrated Water Resources Management in the region. “This is a challenging privilege for me to contribute my leadership towards finding solutions to the water question, especially at a time when the region is working towards programs that enhance IRWM”, said Tetero, during his inaugural speech at the 7th Regional Consulting Partners Meeting that was held on 17th June 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda. “It’s a very big privilege for me to be entrusted by the partnerships the role of steering the highest decision-making body of GWP Eastern Africa. It is critical that together, we contribute towards coming up with practical and lasting solutions by implementing the strategies to realize the positive impacts they bring to the communities living in the different countries of our region region”, he added.

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According to Mr. Tetero, there has been a close collaboration among the Country Water Partnerships in the region, which he will build on, to strengthen the partnerships even more. “My first priority as Chairperson of the consulting partnerships will be to bring together all Country Water Partnerships to work together in contributing towards addressing the challenges that each of our countries are facing and to make that contribution visible and tangible”, said Tetero.

In his new position as Chairperson of the GWPEA Consulting partnership and Regional Steering Committee, Mr. Tetero will continue to drive a key regional focus on IRWM while initiating and deciding policy matters that oversee the work of the East African Secretariat to grow the network in the region.  

“Francois’ long history of leadership, coupled with his advisory experience in water investment makes him an ideal person for this role. I look forward to working closely with him to continue to ensure that GWPEA makes a positive impact for all our stakeholders, especially in bringing all Country Water Partnerships together, and in terms of resource mobilization”, said George Sanga Kavulunze, the Regional Coordinator, GWPEA.

The Consulting Partners Meeting, which is presided over by the Chairperson, seats once every two years to appoint a new chairperson, which position is on rotational basis per country.