Eritrea, situated by the Red Sea, is bordering Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan. This is a beneficial geopolitical position as it provides direct access to the world’s busiest shipping lane. The climate is hot; dry desert strip along Red Sea coast; cooler and wetter in the central highlands. In terms of natural resources, Eritrea is rich in gold, potash, zinc and copper.   

Key Water Issues and Challenges

  • Frequent droughts
  • Deforestation
  • Desertification, Soil erosion
  • Overgrazing
  • Rare earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Locust swarms

Contact GWP Eritrea

Mr Mebrahtu Iyassu

GWP Regional Steering Committee member

Chair of Ethiopia Country Water Partnership



GWP Regional Steering Committee member

Mr Berhane W Kelati

Chair of Eritrea Country Water Partnership





More Information

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