Sustainable Sanitation in Central and Eastern Europe

Global Water Partnership in Central and Eastern Europe is currently developing a project proposal that aims to shift the existing water paradigm by innovative wastewater management in rural areas. The main objective is to bridge the gap between legislation, current practice and integrated approaches; to redirect nutrient load from surface waters in the Danube region into agriculture and to improve water quality.  Read more. 

Innovations for River Basin Management

The WaterInnEU Marketplace is a match making hub which supports innovations from across Europe that have been previously funded by the EU. Its role is to raise awareness amongst River Basin Managers, their supply chains and stakeholders regarding the availability of potentially relevant new products, and to facilitate introductions with their owners.  Read more

Become a Partner

Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe has currently more than 170 Partners from 12 countries in the region, among which are Universities, Ministries, Academies of Sciences and Research Institutions, Hydrometeorological and Forestry Institutes, Non-governmental and Youth Organizations. We believe that together we can ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Join us now!