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Augmenting Water and Food Security of Small Farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (#491)

Across India, the magnitude and intensity of extreme weather events like drought and floods is increasing. Such changes in climatic conditions affect a myriad of issues of which, access to water for drinking and domestic purposes and for agriculture affect farmer communities in South India the most, as majority of Indian farmers are dependent on rain fed agriculture.

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At the Scoping phase, LDAI conducted two missions to defined three Learning Territories. 1) Bangladesh 2) Myanmar
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Honduras: Benefits of action and costs of inaction in agricultural water reservoir project in Azacualpa (#490)

Drought in the central American region is characterized by a variation in rainfall distribution, manifested by a few rainy events among long periods without rainfall within the rainy season. This situation severely affects production cycles of agricultural producers, who heavily rely on rain-fed agriculture and lack adequate technology to face droughts; negatively influencing overall economic and social stability, and wellbeing. In the Honduran agricultural sector, drought mainly manifests itself through crop loss, reduced crop acreage and water supply problems in terms of both quantity and quality. The effects generated have significant impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is why this issue is very high up in the political agenda.

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Valuing Water - Peru Report

Final report of the regional consultation on Valuing Water in Lima, Peru, 16 August 2017.
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Valuing Water - Mexico Report

Final report of the regional consultation on Valuing Water in Mexico City, Mexico, 24 June 2017.