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Annual Report 2016

The annual report recaps major achievements of GWP West Africa during the year 2016. It highlights main results and gives trends for the next steps on activities, programmes, projects and initiatives.
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3 ASPROC Formulario Concurso

Proyecto ASPROC, ganador del concurso, Acción de la Juventud en Agua y Cambio Climático, 2016
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Cosecha de agua lluvia para zonas urbanas

Sistemas de captación de agua de lluvia instalados en 3 centros educativos de la ciudad de Guatemala donde no hay acceso al servicio de agua.
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This page contains reports produced under WACREP by GWP SAS Regional Office and its Country Officers.
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Mediterranean: Non-Conventional Water Resources Programme (# 464)

The majority of the Mediterranean islands encounter water scarcity challenges due to their small catchment areas and the impacts of emerging climate vulnerability and change. To tackle the problem of water scarcity, the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-Med) has developed the concept and content of the Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) programme implemented in Greece since 2008, in Malta since 2011, and in Cyprus since 2013.