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Barbados: Collaboration and enforcement - the missing pieces of the puzzle in managing the Graeme Hall Swamp (# 477)

The Graeme Hall Swamp is linked to the St. Lawrence Lagoon and is the last remaining coastal wetland in Barbados. The wetland has been designated as a Natural Heritage Conservation Area and has also been established as one of two Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Programme (CARICOMP) monitoring sites in Barbados. The Graeme Hall Watershed, located in the south of Barbados, spans 1,156 acres. The most significant element of this watershed is the Graeme Hall Swamp. 

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China: The ways to address disputes in Zhang River (#476)

Zhang River runs through Shanxi Province, Hebei Province and Henan Province as the border of Hebei and Henan Provinces. Within the basin, there is a large population but inadequate water and land resources. The residents of the villages along the river only have a small amount of valley terraces and flood land barely meeting their survival demand.

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Poland: Small retention – Big deal; national programme to improve water balance (#473)

Climatic conditions of Poland are characterized by small amount of precipitation that is relatively favourable distributed during a year. Most of the precipitation occur during summer, which is the period with the highest demand for water. Despite this fact, in most of the country (except the seaside and the highest mountains) a significant deficit of water can be observed.

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Australia: Technological Innovation amidst Complex Regulation in Kalkallo (#470)

Kalkallo project was the first large scale construction project in Australia attempted to harvest and treat stormwater to a standard acceptable for direct injection into water supply system. Because the project was innovative there was no regulatory framework dictating the rules of the game. That was considered as a barrier to move forward. The project turned out to display a high degree of success in some policy dimensions while a negligible degree in some others.