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Catalyzing Change: Handbook for Developing IWRM and Water Efficiency Strategies

This handbook seeks to provide countries with the knowledge they need to act on the action target set at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in the way that is most useful for them. Strategies should catalyse action, not retard it. Each country must decide the scope and timeline for change based on its goals and its resources. The important thing is to take the first steps.
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IWRM ToolBox Teaching Manual

In collaboration with IWRM educational institutions, training materials to accompany the GWP IWRM ToolBox for the purpose of teaching in academia.
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Handbook of Drought Indicators and Indices

This Handbook is based on available literature and draws findings from relevant works wherever possible. It addresses the needs of practitioners and policymakers and is considered as a resource guide/material for practitioners and not an academic paper. It is a ‘living document’ and will be updated based on the experiences of its readers.
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Regional documentation

The following are regional publications to be downloaded free of charge.

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IWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change

These training materials are intended to increase our understanding about climate change and to explore what we can do now. There are actions that can be taken to prepare for a more variable climate and we can make a case to our policy makers to prepare for change.
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Rapport de capitalisation de TFTC au Bénin

Le présent document de capitalisation cristallise l’ensemble des expériences relatives à la contribution des jeunes pour la restauration de l’écosystème de tête de bassin de la Mékrou dans la commune rurale de Kouandé au Benin.
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Manuel sur la gestion intégrée des ressources en eau dans les bassins des fleuves, des lacs et des aquifères transfrontaliers

The experience gained under existing transboundary cooperation agreements for many transboundary basins, allow today saying that Integrated Water Resources Management works well on the basin-scale of transboundary rivers when there is a real willingness of the stakeholders concerned. How then to move from theory to practice to implement transboundary cooperation on water? How can you possibly establish an effective and lasting transboundary basin organization? To support this process, INBO, GWP together with other knoweldge partners (UNECE, UNESCO, GEF, EVREN and AFD) have worked together to produce this book presented at the World Water Forum in Marseilles (March 2012). The document is in French.