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Building on the Foundations of Integrated Water Resources Management

Building climate resilience into development across water-dependent is key to achieving long-term sustainability, but will demand strong cross-sectoral integration and coordination. This policy brief argues that building on the foundations of IWRM is an effective way to fast-track the integration of climate resilience in development planning. Policy briefs provide policy makers with information on water resources management. This brief was developed under the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP).
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Tanzania: Adapting to climate change through land and water management in Eastern Africa: Kiroka Village, Morogoro, Tanzania (#452)

Tanzania is facing increasing pressures on its water resources due to a growing agricultural sector and the effects of climate change. In order to ensure environmental and economic sustainability in the face of water scarcity the local communities of Kiroka village, Morogoro, conceived a project to build capacity for climate adaptation through sustainable land and water management. The participatory approach coupled with capacity building and holistic problem solving that also addresses livelihood issues has proven to be an effective method of implementing an IWRM plan that is sustainable and can be readily subscribed to.

/ Case studies / English

Transboundary: Water Management Plans for Slovakian-Hungarian Transboundary Groundwater Bodies (#421)

Climate Change is expected to have severe impacts on river discharges and water quality and quantity. In an effort to proactively find solutions to the current and future challenges of water, the project Environmental state and sustainable management of Hungarian-Slovakian transboundary groundwater bodies was initiated. The key lesson is the importance of evaluating all resources, including the links between groundwater and surface water.