GWP in the News 2017

A collection of news items featuring the Global Water Partnership or GWP representatives.

December 2017

GWP Executive Secretary speaking to Farozaan magazine, Pakistan

Asia-Pacific Water Summit Pledges Drinking Water and Sanitation for All by 2025 (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Supports Transboundary Cooperation on Lancang-Mekong (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP and Partners Support National Consultations on IWRM (IISD Reporting Services)

Agriculture takes a leap forward at Bonn Climate Talks (ReliefWeb)

Zambia in touching distance of $50 billion (Zambia Daily Mail)

Zambia within reach of $50b Climate, energy fund (Lusaka Times)

Some bitter facts (The Nation)

Bassin de la Volta : un conclave de 5 jours pour mieux gérer les inondations et autres (Burkina Demain)

Cisterns could boost sustainable tourism on Greek island of Santorini (Cornell Chronicle)

SADC Holds Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Water-Energy-Food Nexus (IISD Reporting Services)

Troubled waters: Pakistan urged to upgrade flood warning system (Arab News)

November 2017

Pakistan lost 1,570 BCM of water to sea in 38 years (The News International)

Aiming for Sudan’s integrated & sustainable water management (UN Environment)

Climate change - a very real problem (The Express Tribune)

Act now to avert water crisis (Daily Times)

Experts caution against wastage of water (Business Recorder) 

Jean Kapata directs officials in her delegation to follow up on the COP23 resolutions (Lusaka Times)

Two-day int’l conference on water from 21st (The Nation)

'Challenges enormous when it comes to water security' (The Jordan Times)

Global Water Partnership offers Zambia immediate support (Lusaka Times)

Global Water Partnership offers Zambia immediate support (Mwebantu News)

Global Water Partnership offers Zambia immediate support (

Call to establish new coastal cities to lessen population in Karachi (Pakistan Daily Times)

Roundup: Italian island environment conference set to expand to Asia, Caribbean in 2018 (Xinhua)

October 2017

Water security should be a regional priority (The Southern Times)

Initiatives Build Capacity on Adaptation, DRR, Climate Risk Assessment in Africa (IISD Reporting Services)

Bringing Integrity, Bangladesh can mitigate drinking water crisis in southwest coast (Medium)

Advancing Climate Resilient WASH Informed Programming in West and Central African countries (ReliefWeb)

Rainwater Harvesting Improves Lives in El Salvador (IPS News Agency)

September 2017

UN Agencies, Partners Support Water Cooperation in Africa (IISD Reporting Services)

Public urged to embrace tree planting to combat climate change  (New Vision)

GWP Asian Partnerships Meet on Climate and Development (IISD Reporting Services)

Sustaining White Volta Basin: Water Resources Official Calls For Investment In Transboundary Cooperation (Modern Ghana)

Global helpdesk launches to provide drought relief (Energy Live News)

No woman no water, so women must decide (The Third Pole)

Global Water and Land Meetings Address Drought (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Mediterranean in the Greek news:

August 2017

GCF launches its first climate gender manual (Green Climate Fund)

World Water Week Highlights Health, Human Rights, IWRM Connections (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP, UN spearhead discourse on sustainable development goals (The Point)

LAC Region Steps Up Drought Preparedness as Studies Enumerate Costs of Inaction (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP Offers Guidance for Measuring Transboundary Water Cooperation (IISD Reporting Services)

UNGA 72 Documents, GWP Shine Spotlight on DRR, Climate Resilience (IISD Reporting Services)

2017 World Water Week: ‘Water and waste: reduce and reuse’ (IPS News Agency)

Three Solutions for Water and Sanitation for All (GWP Chair op-ed for IPS News Agency)

GWP Releases Action Piece on Gender Equality in IWRM (IISD Reporting Services)

GWP and Honduras Prepare for SDG 6 Implementation (IISD Reporting Services)

2017 World Water Week: ‘Water and Waste: Reduce and Reuse’ (IPS News Agency)

New Regional Partnership for Water Security to Protect Human Health (Magnetic Media)

Envirorezort pripravuje Akčný plán boja proti suchu (Obecné Noviny)

Envirorezort pripravuje Akčný plán boja proti suchu (Turiec Online)

Professor Kala Vairavamoorthy announced as new Executive Director of the International Water Association (IWA)

World Bank Finances Water Supply Infrastructure as Countries Plan for Water Scarcity (IISD Reporting Services)

Global Water Partnership Technical Meeting In Accra (Ghana WASH Times)

Water matters: tapping into global water management through community engagement (Bang the Table)

Collectively Managing South Asia’s Stressed Water Resources (IPS News Agency)

IDB Inter American Development Bank : rewards the most successful good practices and experiences in water and sanitation in the Americas (

July 2017

Water Is Precious, Fragile and Dangerous – It Can Sustain or Destroy (IPS News Agency)

Value of water is on the rise (ReliefWeb)

Value of Water Is on the Rise (IPS News Agency)

UN Forum Showcases Partnerships for SDGs (IISD Reporting Services)

Global Water Partnership Meets in Boksburg, South Africa (Living-Water Ltd)

SADC water, energy ministers’ meeting opens in Swaziland (The Southern Times)

Agencies Launch Initiatives for Valuing and Financing Water (IISD Reporting Services)

June 2017

Confronting Africa’s Water Challenge (Project Syndicate) 

Seeking Synergies for Mainstreaming Gender in Flood Management (APFM)

Rainwater Harvesting Key during Rainy Season (The Barbados Advocate)

WMO and FAO strengthen cooperation on climate change, drought (ReliefWeb)

“Wastewater: The Untapped Resource" (MEP Water Group press release)

SADC-EU Water-Energy-Food Nexus Project Inception Workshop rouses interest among key partners in the region (The Water, Energy & Food Security Resource Platform)

Industry heavyweights gather in Boksburg to tackle world’s water resources (Boksburg Advertiser)

Valuing water for a sustainable future (The Manila Times)

Conflicts over Water Resources Can Be Averted-Experts (Uganda Radio Network)

May 2017

The world needs to transform the way it manages water (Infrastructure news)

Operationalising SDGs to mitigate future disaster risks (Sri Lanka Daily News)

UN Working-Level Water Dialogues Call for Integrated Approach on Water (IISD Reporting Services)

The ‘Water-Employment-Migration’ Explosive Nexus (The Wire)

South Africa: High Level Water Panel Meets in SA (

High level water panel meets in SA (

The ‘Water-Employment-Migration’ Explosive Nexus (IPS News Agency)

The ‘Water-Employment-Migration’ Explosive Nexus (ReliefWeb)

Business Unusual: Valuing Water for a Sustainable Future (IPS News Agency)

Govt working to ease drought in W Cape (SABC)

Valuing Water Beyond the Money (ReliefWeb)

Valuing Water Beyond the Money (IPS News Agency)

Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions: Climate Finance for Water-Related Adaptation and Mitigation Action (IISD Reporting Services)

Selecting Measures and Designing Strategies for Integrated Flood Management: A Guidance Document, April 2017 (ReliefWeb)

Fusion of traditional spirit and modern convenience (The Japan Times)

April 2017

Wanted, road map for long-term water management (The Hindu)

El Salvador Passes Historic Ban on Metal Mining (The Real News Network)

IPS is pleased to name Desmond Brown as the Star of the Month (IPS News Agency)

Netherlands: 50th birthday of King Willem-Alexander celebrated with new gold and silver coins (Coin Update News)

El Salvador Passes Pathbreaking Law Banning Metal Mining (IPS News Agency)

March 2017

Rainwater harvesting key to conservation efforts (The Barbados Advocate) 

12 ways to turn water from waste to resource (The Guardian)

Water Day marked by PM, high-profile panel (STA - Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija) 

A rainwater reservoir for San Anton Palace? (Times of Malta)

Water Day musings of a modern day leper (Ceylon Daily News)

Honduran farmers prize rainwater as most precious harvest (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Civil Society Representatives: “Water is the Foundation of our Life” (IPS News Agency)

San Anton Palace becomes a water sustainability example (The Malta Independent)

World Water Day: Conserving water for sustainable development (Business Day Online)

Water, the Great Enabler (IPS News, Rudolph Cleveringa op-ed)

GWP: conectando la seguridad hídrica y el cambio climático (La Ruta del Clima)

Accessing the undeserved (Daily News)

February 2017

Investing in Water around MENA (Revolve)

FEATURE: Mozambique water woes – Climate change, geography and capacity  (CDKN)

FEATURE: Mozambique water woes – How to build capacity in climate resilience planning (CDKN)

Nepad-IPPF Supports African Countries to Strengthen Regional Infrastructure (

LUMS WIT Centre organises ‘History and Future of Indus Basin’ seminar (Pakistan Daily Times)

Volta Delta under threat (Ghana News Agency)

January 2017

No rain no grain (Daily News Sri Lanka)