GWP Executive Secretary speaking to Farozaan magazine, Pakistan

Rudolph Cleveringa, Executive Secretary, Global Water Partnership (GWP) had an interview with Farozaan magazine during his recent visit to Pakistan in December 2017.

Explaining GWP’s role in developing countries like Pakistan where the environmental and social issues are being largely influenced through the respective governments he pointed out, the main strength of  GWP is its strong network. In elaborating this in the context of Pakistan Water Partnership (PWP) he said, “We have academia, civil society and United Nations families with their projects on one hand and we also maintain close relationship with designated agencies including the Ministry of Water and Power, Ministry of Environment, Planning Commission and Provincial Agriculture and Irrigation Departments where Integrated Water Resources Management is defined as their mandate. PWP provides a neutral platform where all parties including federal and provincial governments are invited to sit together and be informed about the challenges related to water resources and about their plans and policies to rectify these challenges”.

The full article in Urdu and English