GWP’s Network Meeting 2022 – 25 May!

The 2022 edition of GWP’s annual Network Meeting of GWP Partners will take place online on 25 May, and will build on last year’s theme of Leading Change and Innovation through our Partners.

The Network Meeting is an opportunity for Partners to learn from each other and exchange ideas with GWP. Last year, more than 470 participants, from 73 countries, joined the two-day online event, which was opened by GWP Chair, Howard Bamsey, who highlighted how the Network continues to evolve and adapt to new landscapes. Will you join us this year?

Network Meeting 2022: Format & Agenda

The 2022 Network Meeting will be held as part of the Regional Days when staff from GWP’s 13 regions meet with the global staff in Stockholm to review work plans and look to the future. Holding the two meetings during the same week will allow us to align our discussions with you, the Partners.  

All sessions of the Network Meeting are open to all regions, and you can join whenever it fits your schedule. Interpretation into Spanish and French will be available in the plenary sessions and in one of the Breakout Groups (Climate resilience through water). 

This year we will be asking our Partners to contribute ideas and solutions to selected areas of our work that GWP is looking to scale up during the current strategy period.

How to join

The 2022 Network Meeting will be a virtual event on Zoom. To join, register here:


Supporting documents

By May 11, we will upload the annual activity report of the Steering Committee (GWP in Action 2021 Annual Report) and the 2021 financial report (Audited Accounts) on this page - for any comments or questions our Partners may have.

In the meantime, please register! We look forward to meeting with you.