GWP Celebrates World Water Day 2017

March 22 marks World Water Day 2017. This year’s theme is wastewater. GWP has published two blogs about the theme, and conducted a Facebook Live interview with Rami Abdel Rahman of the Sweden Textile Water Initiative. Around the GWP Network, various celebrations are taking place. However, the main GWP celebration this year concerns the very website you are currently on – the launch of a completely new

There are many new features, but the most important ones are robust search engines: integrating regional and global content in one centralised place for knowledge, news, events, and – coming soon – Partners. More details on the new website are available here.

GWP’s Chair, Oyun Sanjaasuren, is at the United Nations in New York this week to participate in discussions about improving the coordination of the UN's work on the water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially related to the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships such as GWP. She is there with GWP Technical Committee Chair, Dr. Jerome Delli Priscoli.

GWP Executive Secretary, Rudolph Cleveringa, is in Rome where the Vatican and the Club of Rome have organised a dialogue around the value and values of water (Watershed). Broadening the range of stakeholders who put water high on the development agenda is essential if the world is going to deliver on the SDGs.

To find GWP content for this day, read our blog posts “My wardrobe malfunction and wastewater”, “Drugging our water resources” , and watch the recording of our Facebook Live interview with Rami Abdel Rahman of the Sweden Textile Water Initiative. GWP has also contributed an opinion editorial to Inter Press Service - and an interview with Dr Sanjaasuren is availableDr. Delli Priscoli's speech is also available, made for a World Water Day Special Event: Priority Actions for Water and Disasters in the Next Decade.

Furthermore, to keep up to date on all that is happening on 22 March, follow our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook

Top image: See UN Water's World Water Resources