New look of GWP, like it or not?

GWP is presenting itself on a fresh look on the occasion of World Water Day, transforming from old to newfangled, with the big makeover lies in new search functions for knowledge, news, events, and partners, as well as more highlighting results.

The brand-new website is designed for easy and quick access.  GWP CHINA IS LAUNCHING TWO, English and Chinese editions for its native and non-native language visitors.

Before embarking on the work to design a new website, some surveys with partners and stakeholders were conducted to see what they want. It emerged that visitors to the GWP website often know exactly what they are looking for. To make it easier to meet this need, the new website developed new and improved search functions of the four key elements, including:

—>‘GWP Knowledge Search’ page that can help web visitors quickly search per criteria: by doing a free search, per region, topic, type of publication, or language;
—>‘News search’ page that has an easy way to search by region, topic, date, or by free search; 
—>‘Event search’ page that helps visitors find water-related events – global or regional – that are coming up;
—>‘Partner Search’ page that is completely new platform where GWP Partners can identify, and find contact details for other Partners in the worldwide GWP network. This feature is still in development, and will take a little bit longer time. GWP China's partners are included into that base but only in English language. 

The visitors will meet the new website on 22 March, 2017. GWP China is launchinng the English edition firstly, and the Chinese edition will take a little bit longer but not long. Both are expected to be user-friendly, and cater to the taste of target visitors - not against their language habits. It is open to your comments and suggestions on the new website.

Welcome to join in the 'housewarming' of GWP!