GWP Begins 2020 Planning and Beyond

GWP’s global and regional staff met in Amman, Jordan, on 13-16 May for the network’s annual Regional Days. One of the big agenda items was GWP’s new Strategy 2020-2025, which is due to be launched in July. Other topics were GWP’s 3-year work programmes and finding a common understanding around GWP’s work in convening multi-stakeholder dialogues.

GWP staff gave input to the draft Strategy during the Regional Days. At the same time, an online public consultation was held to allow stakeholders from the wider network and other interested parties to have their say – a consultation that concluded on 20 May. All feedback received will be considered when finalizing the Strategy.

"We see that a system change is needed, we see that we need to do much more to bring people together to change how we manage water broadly. We are in fact in the change management business", said GWP Executive Secretary Monika Weber-Fahr as she led the discussion on the Strategy in Amman.

Multi-stakeholder platforms and partnerships will be a key ingredient in the new Strategy, a topic that was discussed extensively during the week. The objective was to assess what competencies are needed across the GWP network to improve outreach, and to identify and understand competency gaps and how to close them.

Multi-stakeholder platforms and partnerships are already a strong element in all that GWP does, but Weber-Fahr stressed that “it’s important to evaluate where we are now, so we know where to go next.”

This photo gallery gives a visual insight into GWP’s Regional Days in Amman (clicking the image also takes you to the Flickr album):