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VFDM provides training on impact-based flood forecasting products and the Integrated Bulletin

Côte d'Ivoire's economic capital hosted a training workshop for stakeholders from the Volta basin on impact-based flood forecasting products and the Bulletin integrated into the myDewetra-VOLTALARM platform. The event was held from 12 to 16 June 2023 under the chairmanship of the Minister of Water and Forests, who was represented at the official ceremony by Colonel Major Lucien KOUASSI, Director General of Forests and Wildlife of Côte d'Ivoire.
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Call for success stories: Overcoming gender-related challenges in the water sector in Pan Africa

To inspire action, amplify the voices of women in water and accelerate change, GWP and the #IWRMActionHub are launching a call for success stories and case studies that demonstrate how gender equality and inclusion have been improved in water management and climate resilience actions in the Pan African region.
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Launch of phase 3 of the Ton Futur Ton Climat project in the commune of Tanguieta in northern Benin: a winning bet for CWP-Benin and its partners

A few weeks after the closing workshop for phase 2 of the TONFUTURTONCLIMAT project in Tanguiéta, the Kaba Hotel in Natitingou hosted the launch workshop for the "Strengthening Climate Resilience and Water Security for Young People and Women for Sustainable Management of the Tchoutchoubou River in the Pendjari sub-basin of Benin" project on Tuesday 30 May 2023.
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Tonfuturtonclimat, making young people key actors for water security and climate resilience at local level

"Young people are a very important force for both sustainable development and rational management of water resources. In the West African sub-region, this force is very under-used. GWP is therefore working with organisations at regional and sub-regional levels as well as youth movements to make their voices heard so that they are more involved and sustained in the decision-making processes of the water sector, in the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, of the SDG #6 in the West African region. Young people are the successors of tomorrow, and nothing can or should be done without them”.
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Floods and droughts in the Volta Basin, VFDM project trains basin country officials on end-to-end forecasting and early warning processes

The populations of the Volta Basin are vulnerable to the risks of floods and droughts, which cause a lot of damage every year. In response to the annual threats and to enable countries to have the technical capacity to cope, the Volta Flood and Drought Management (VFDM) project entitled ''Integrating Flood and Drought Management and Early Warning for Climate Change Adaptation in the Volta Basin'' has set up a training programme from June 2019 to mid-2024.
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Promoting inter-state cooperation with the ratification and implementation of the Conventions on Shared Surface and Groundwater Resources

The Global Water Partnership in West Africa (GWP-WA) has supported the Commission of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) and the Secretariat of the Convention for the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes, provided by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), in promoting the process of accession, ratification and implementation of the Conventions on shared surface and groundwater in the UEMOA region.
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Closing meeting of the TFTC 2 project in Benin

The closing workshop of phase 2 of the TonFuturTonClimat project in Benin was held on 28 March 2023 in Tanguiéta. The country project "Mobilisation of youth associations for a better management of water resources in the Tchoutchoubou micro-basin in the Pendjari basin" aimed at improving the sustainable management of natural and related resources in the Tchoutchoubou micro-basin in the Pendjari sub-basin through a strong involvement of youth.