Meet Water Youth Network – a GWP Partner

In preparation for a Youth Engagement Strategy, GWP consulted one of its Partner organisations: the Water Youth Network (WYN). The Strategy was launched in Stockholm on 25 August 2015. Some WYN voices were captured in a video connected to this event.

Speaking on behalf of WYN, Shabana Abbas pointed out that sometimes youth are treated as simply to be seen in meetings. But WYN’s aim is to be truly engaged in the processes that take place concerning water management issues. For this purpose, WYN was excited to be part of the process to create the GWP youth strategy:

“I think the Youth Engagement Strategy of GWP is a very good first step and we are very happy about it. Having said that, there is now a bigger challenge for all of us that institutions and seniors in the water sector recognize the role of youth and try to implement the proposals suggested in this strategy and ensure participation of youth in the decision making process.” 

WYN is a network of young people that brings together youth initiatives from around the world. WYN works with other youth groups to engage young people and make meaningful contribution in the water sector. The network was initiated at the 6th World Water Forum where a group of young people decided to join hands and work together.