Drought Risk Management Scheme

This demonstration project aims at developing a framework for an integrated operational drought risk management systemthat can be adjusted to a given drought context.

A framework conforms to a comprehensive, multi-purpose and flexible approach that streamlines the drought phenomena analysis to support decision-making. To manage drought risk, it is necessary to build a system that contains a methodology for drought hazard and risk assessment. The framework will define the required components of the system and relationships between them to achieve the aimed functionality. The functionality may cover various aspects of drought management (i.e. agriculture, water management, industry, forestry, etc). Different functionalities modify the content of individual components and information flow but still preserve the system scheme.

The main components of the system cover measures and methods to assess drought severity and drought impacts. The work is oriented to provide a collection of these measures contributed from different regions and sectoral applications. These methods are going to be explored within the context of developing drought hazard and vulnerability maps for the drought risk assessment. Drought risk assessment procedures have to be compiled with drought mitigation strategies to form effective decision-making rules.

The final output will contain a proposition for a drought risk management scheme that includes measures and methods for developing maps for drought hazard and drought vulnerability as well as a drought risk mapping strategy. The scheme will be adjustable for various drought risk contexts. The latter will be demonstrated via investigation of different drought risk contexts:  hydrometeorological drought risk management for drought early warning (Polish partner); agricultural drought risk management in order to evaluate economic profitability under various management practices (Romanian partner); and water management (Lithuanian partner).