Framework for improving water balance and nutrient mitigation by applying small water retention measures (FramWat) is a 36-month project which started on 1 July 2017 within INTERREG’s Central Europe Programme.

FramWat aims to strengthen the regional common framework for floods, droughts and pollution mitigation by increasing the buffer capacity of the landscape. It will do so by using the natural (small) water retention measures (N(S)WRM) approach in a systematic way.

So far, the majority of water management and flood protection measures lack innovation and follow more traditional approaches without taking into account valuable ecosystem services provided by nature in the landscape settings. The FramWat project supports the idea of using landscape features to help solving environmental problems in water bodies in a sustainable way.

Partners will develop methods which translate existing knowledge about N(S)WRM features into river basin management practice. This will result in improving the water balance, in decreasing sediment transport, and in enhancing nutrients re-circulation. Moreover, it will provide decision makers with appropriate tools to incorporate N(S)WRM into the next cycle of River Basin Management Plans and offer guidance and raise awareness about the importance of horizontal integration of different planning frameworks. 

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