Water Agent

Water Agent V 003 project focuses on the environmental education of pupils in the field of water management.

The project aims at raising awareness about water management among pupils in three Central European countries: Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. It has been developed by Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE),  IREAS  and IMRO , and funded by the Visegrad fund.

Although the elementary education curriculum in Central and Eastern European countries includes topics dealing with environmental education, water management is not covered sufficiently in the relevant subjects, especially in the context of current challenges. With the recent changes of climate conditions in Central Europe there is a need to change the behaviour of citizens as well, starting from the youngest generations. This is the reason why project Water Agent V 003 has set its goal to introduce the issue of water governance to elementary school pupils. 

The partners in the project will involve experts from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia to produce a handbook for elementary school teachers in the respective countries. This handbook will help the teachers bring the environmental topics such as water governance into the common educational system. It will explore water management divided into tree basic sections: i) water in the landscape, ii) water consumption in households and iii) water in the city.

The handbook will be based on experience pedagogy using motivational methods like games, quizzes, experiments, worksheets and other materials for interactive education. The final version should be available for teachers in the school year 2019/2020 in 3 national languages: Czech, Hungarian and Slovak.