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Awareness Raising on Basin Management Approach

On 28 September 2016, the CamboWP conducted Awareness Raising on Basin Management Approach with 18 participants who are Commune Council Members, Village Leaders and Deputy Leaders and Villagers of the Baray Commune which is located in the Mekong Floodplain.
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Recuperación Ambiental Integral de la Comuna de Talcahuano, Chile

The Municipality of Talcahuano, due to its geographic location, natural conditions and closeness to energy supply centres, such as coal from Lota and Coronel, had from the 50´s an important economic growth, a greater military presence, and an increased port capacity; all this led to an accelerated urban growth. The co-existence of active urban and industrial areas in an uneven territory, with abundant water bodies and a surface area of only 142.8 km2, have made the city specially sensitive to natural resource degradation. A situation was made critical and gave rise to the municipal strategy started in 1993. This situation was being aggravated by the chronic scarcity of resources in the Municipality and the lack of infrastructure and control mechanisms faced with environmental deterioration. The Municipality, as the institution in charge of administering this serious environmental deterioration that affected the quality of life of its inhabitants, in co-ordination with other public, private and community organisations, manifest their outmost commitment and concern for decreasing water contamination. A program to appropriately zone the city in order to harmonise the different activities was implemented. The Spanish version.
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Cosecha de agua lluvia para zonas urbanas

Sistemas de captación de agua de lluvia instalados en 3 centros educativos de la ciudad de Guatemala donde no hay acceso al servicio de agua.
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China's Water Resources Management Challenge: The 'three red lines'

Today, China is facing a great challenge as water resources begin to constrain the nation’s economic and social development. This paper describes the key water challenges and the steps being taken to address them – the so-called "three red lines", which set limits on water use, efficiency and water pollution. Technical Focus Papers are publications of the GWP Technical Committee that harness and share knowledge generated by GWP Partnerships.