Strategies and Policies for Water Security

As an academic knowledge product, “Strategies and Policies for Water Security” is prevailing as it reflects comprehensive and objective data and information of water, food, energy, environment and ecology.

The intellects recommended by GWP China Regional TEC issued 23 journals in the past 11 months. The publications collected effects of human activity on the natural environment and water resources.

All reports, analysis and cases in the journal describe a highly closed link of water security with the degree of human activities. Variety in standpoints, the experts and professionals from water, agriculture, power, ecology, information, meteorology, economy, environment and further sectors shared their analysis on a shared theme from multiple aspects. Profound outputs have contributed to the global academic journals, e.g. Nature, Science, PANS.

After completing this series, GWP China Regional TEC delivered more experts to another set of the academic knowledge journal, “Prevention Strategic Solutions of Cities from Natural Disasters”, which initiated in May 2018.

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  • “Strategies and Policies for Water Security” 
  • “Strategic Prevention Tactics of Cities from Natural Disasters” 

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Cover photo: from the Strategies and Policies for Water Security,  Issue No. VIII, April, 2018