WASH-Climate Resilience training in South Asia

A climate resilient, WASH and Climate financing training was held from 16-18 July in Kathmandu, Nepal convened by UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA). It is a collaboration between UNICEF ROSA, UNICEF Headquarters (Water and Climate Team), and the Global Water Partnership (GWP).

Basis of the training was the Strategic Framework for WASH climate resilience developed by GWP and UNICEF. The training also covered the important aspects of climate financing and options for accessing climate-related WASH funding. Those were presented and discussed, providing an opportunity to scale up WASH programming in the South Asia region. The training also marked the kick-off for the “help desk” function of the GWP-UNICEF Global Collaboration. Through this, technical and climate fundraising support will be available to country offices by UNICEF HQ/RO and GWP.

During the training, and to foster the spread of experiences and lessons learnt a specific session was dedicated to present climate resilient WASH initiatives in the region. The potential GWP-UNICEF country partnerships are to be explored to support governments in respective countries with the strengthening of WASH climate resilient programming.

The training was attended by high level government representatives from several South Asian countries, GWP South Asia Country Offices, UNICEF Country Offices, UNICEF ROSA and UNICEF headquarters.